Tuesday News: Denial is a river in Egypt

CHARLES TAYLOR CLAIMS HE MADE NO MONEY OFF MONEY-LAUNDERING BANK: A former congressman from western North Carolina says he never made any money off his shares in a Russian bank and sold off his stock before accusations of money laundering by banking authorities in Moscow, WLOS reports. The Bank of Russia revoked the license for Commercial Bank of Ivanovo last week. The Russian central bank said CBI broke money laundering rules “on multiple occasions,” according to a press release. Bloomberg News reported last week that Taylor, a Republican who served in the House for 16 years, owns 80% of the bank. “While I bought stock in the bank of Ivanovo several years ago, I have never been an officer or director in the Bank. Further, the Bank has never paid any dividends fees or other monies to me,” Taylor said in the statement, which he also sent to the Asheville Citizen Times.

ANDREW MCCABE WILL SPEAK AT DUKE UNIVERSITY ABOUT FBI, TRUMP ADMIN: The fired FBI acting director promoting a new book highly critical of President Donald Trump will discuss the threats facing the United States during an appearance in North Carolina. Andrew McCabe will speak Tuesday at Duke University on topics from his newly released book about how the FBI protects America now. McCabe is a 1990 Duke graduate who led investigations of the Boston Marathon bombing and a plot to bomb New York City's subways. He was the acting FBI director for four months after Trump fired his boss, James Comey. McCabe was fired days before his scheduled retirement in March 2018 because administration officials said he lied about media leaks in an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. McCabe says he didn't lie and his firing was politically motivated.

AMERICAN BRIDGE RUNS AD TYING DAN FOREST TO INDICTED BUSINESSMAN: The Bridge ad features images of Forest with Lindberg, one of four people indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and bribery in an alleged attempt to influence state Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, a Republican. The ad shows news reports of Forest describing them as friends and “good guys.” Lindberg gave more than $2.4 million to political action committees that back Forest, according to campaign finance records. That includes $1 million to the Truth and Prosperity PAC and $1.4 million to the N.C. Republican Council of State Committee, which Forest chairs. Forest has raised money for the Truth and Prosperity PAC. Hal Weatherman, chair of the Dan Forest for Governor Exploratory Committee, said the ad takes Forest’s comments out of context. While Forest acknowledged the men are friends, he went on to call the indictments “very troubling” and said “if laws were broken, then justice should be served.”

ORANGE COUNTY BEGINS ELECTRONIC DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROGRAM: Victims will be able to go to the Sheriff’s Office in Hillsborough or the Compass Center for Women and Families in Chapel Hill to get counseling, help with things like making a safety plan, and petition a District Court judge for a protective order, to keep abusers away from them, by video connection without having to go to the courthouse or the clerk of Superior Court. This not only speeds up the process, but makes it safer since victims don’t have to leave the Sheriff’s Office or center, running the risk of encountering their abusers, and it sets fewer discouraging roadblocks in the process, like visiting the clerk of Superior Court’s office and then appearing in open court. Before Alamance County pioneered this in 2013, about a third of the women who started the process at the Family Justice Center didn’t finish it. With Orange County, 10 North Carolina counties — Alamance, Orange, Guilford, Durham, Forsyth, Wake, Cumberland, Davidson, Rowan and Onslow — now use the electronic system, according to the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts. About 9,300 electronic protective orders are issued each year.

TRUMP WANTS EVEN HARSHER TREATMENT OF IMMIGRANTS, AND A LIKELY RETURN TO SEPARATING FAMILIES: President Trump’s purge of the nation’s top homeland security officials is a sign that he is preparing to unleash an even fiercer assault on immigration, including a possible return of his controversial decision last summer to separate migrant children from their parents, current and former administration officials said Monday. Mr. Trump shook up the ranks of his top immigration officials after spending months demanding that they take tougher action to stop the surge in migrant families at the border and seething about what he considers their overly legalistic refusals to do what he has said was necessary. The immediate targets of the president’s growing fury about the situation at the border were the officials who he saw as insufficiently steely minded: Kirstjen Nielsen, who resigned Sunday as the secretary of homeland security, and Ron Vitiello, whose nomination to permanently lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement was pulled after Mr. Trump remarked that “we want to go in a tougher direction.”



Taylor is either lying

his ass off or he is an exceptional idiot. What's the point in purchasing (and keeping) 80% of the shares in anything if it's not going to pay annual dividends of some sort? There's one answer to that: An extremely bad investment of this nature is characteristic of a money-laundering scheme. As in, the money he used to buy those shares back in 2000 or so was already tainted. Think about it.