Tuesday news: Be sure you vote today

Back to gerrymandering. Lawmakers back to begin new Congress map (AP reports) -- Legislators are already starting the process of redrawing the state's current congressional map after state judges last week blocked its use because they said there was evidence of likely excessive partisan bias in those districts. The following are members of the committee: Sen. Ralph Hise (co-chair), Sen. Warren Daniel, Sen. Chuck Edwards, Sen. Paul Newton, Sen. Jim Perry, Sen. Dan Blue, Sen. Ben Clark, Sen. Toby Fitch; Rep. David Lewis (co-chair), Rep. Destin Hall (co-chair), Rep. Elmer Floyd, Rep. Ed Goodwin, Rep. Pricey Harrison, Rep. Kelly Hastings, Rep. Robert Reives, Rep. John Torbett, Rep. Harry Warren, and Rep. Shelly Willingham.

Most of the Hofeller files are no longer protected by court confidentiality (N.C. Policy Watch reports) -- Tens of thousands of documents from the late, renowned GOP mapmaker Tom Hofeller are no longer considered confidential by a court in Wake County. Digital files related to Hofeller’s redistricting work in North Carolina, Arizona, Virginia, Missouri, Nassau County (New York), Nueces County (Texas) and Galveston County (Texas) are no longer subject to a protective order,

Pipeline interview transcripts released ahead of Friday hearing -- Officials at DEQ tell the legislature's private investigators they didn't feel pressure to shade Atlantic Coast Pipeline permit decisions.

State courts can’t get involved in ICE detentions, Mecklenburg sheriff says -- In the past, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have detained or even deported people they shouldn’t have, including U.S. citizens. The N.C. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could stop such people from going to stte courts for help in the future.



Pay attention to the ICE mess

Thom Tillis and Dan Forest have both gone full nativist, pushing for NC sheriffs to do ICE dirty work, even when that dirty work might be illegal and unconstitutional. That's just how Trumpian both men have become, fostering fear and arguing that cities MUST engage in such illegal behavior. It's enough to make you want to barf.