The Truth About Republicans

In response to our debate with John Hood, I think it is necessary to point out some truths about Republicans. Feel free to join in with facts of your own.

* Republicans were responsible for the largest scandal of the 20th century - Watergate.
* Republicans were responsible for the largest depression in the history of the United States - The Great Depression.
* Republican Ronald Reagan was responsible for creating the ”Largest Debt in American History”.
* Republicans played no part in balancing the budget under President Clinton.
* Republican George W. Bush was responsible for redefining the ”Largest Debt in American History”.
* Republicans were responsible for the constant appearance of corruption under the Presidency of Bill Clinton.
* Republicans are responsible for the constant corruption under President George W. Bush.
* Republican policy is to torture prisoners and outsource torture of prisoners (so they should not be surprised when our own soldiers begin to be tortured, which will happen if it hasn’t already).
* Republican policy is to outsource jobs to foreign countries, because it is Good for Business.
* Republicans are responsible for outing a CIA secret agent and an entire business comprised of secret agents who were responsible for tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East.
* Republicans are responsible for our ports being unsafe, unscreened, and a viable method of entry for terrorists seeking to destroy America.
* Republicans are responsible for our soldiers going to war without body armor.
* Republicans are responsible for paying Halliburton drivers $100,000 a year to deliver SAILBOAT FUEL.
* Republicans are responsible for making soldiers pay for their own haircuts, internet access, and phone access.
* Republicans are responsible for stopping the 2000 Florida recount, which based on Republican methods of counting ballots, would have given Al Gore the Presidency.
* Republicans are responsible for making an energy policy based on Recommendations from Enron and Halliburton.
* Republicans are responsible for ……. your turn.


I love it and it's rec'd

Great Job Robert. I know you're busy with those grants. We'll keep you covered as much as possible.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Great list, Mr. P.

Of course, another truth about Republicans is that they won't recognize the truth. How they live with the dissonance is beyond me, but they do. It's a kind of delusional warpiness that defies explanation.

But it does make them happy, which is all that matters, no?

The great thing about a list like this

is you can pull it out and ask, for instance, John Hood:

Do we now not have the largest debt in American history? Do we? DO WE DO WE DO WE (as they try to change the topic). Exactly, and it is entirely the fault of Republicans.


Now, the 9/11 commission says our ports are unsafe and Republicans have voted against or tabled every DEMOCRATIC PARTY AMENDMENT THAT WOULD MAKE THEM SAFE, ISN'T THAT, ISN'T THAT, ISN'T THAT TRUE!!!!!!



You get the idea.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

One to modify and one to add

In general, I think it is unfair to characterize these things as Republicans are responsible for but rather should be characterized that certain elements of the Republican/conservative machine's policies are responsible for. I think that the problem is that those elements are now in charge of the whole party. But we still should not paint the whole party in this camp; we should be working on convincing the moderates that these policies are failed and that they should come embrace our alternatives. I know it is not as splashy as your entry, but anyway on to the list.

I would not blame the Republicans for the great depression (global economic forces and all), but I would blame the Republican administration at the time for their failure to respond with compassion to the needs of the people going through the ordeal. Remember that the economy did not rebound immediately upon Roosevelt's election, but fewer people were starving.

I would add: "poisoning the debate in Washington"

For once we disagree

I think we paint the entire party with this brush. If moderates don't like it they can work to change it, become independent, or give up. Either way, Democracy wins.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

So I am batting...

.990 then I guess.

But we can agree that persuasion of individual Republicans to fight against some of these policies is needed, right?

Yes, take Walter and his stance on Iraq

He might be dead wrong about everythign else, but if he comes around on that one point and another Republican comes around on another point, and so on and so on...then Democracy has won.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

It won't be the last time.

That's the beauty of BlueNC. We don't all agree about everything . . . and we don't mind airing those disagreements in pursuit of better understanding and clarity. Kind of progressive, don't you think?

What's sad about all this

is that I grew up in a Republican household (my mom was a Southern Dem, still a good Dem). I registered without party affiliation in Fl when I lived there. I voted for the best candidate.

Bush and his neocons have turned this country into such a partisan world that I no longer find ANY REPUBLICAN POSITION TENABLE. None.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Republicans like my grandfather believe in hard work, small government, personal privacy rights, and equal opportunity.

Republicans like Charles Taylor believe in greed, big government, domestic spying, and opportunity only for some.

Republicans like the adventurous soul who came to Asheville's Drinking Liberally last week believe in living life to its fullest, respecting others because they're human beings, hard work, and creative capitalism.

Republicans like Charles Taylor believe in protecting businesses but not their workers, respecting people only if they're males with citizenship, living off of others' sweat and toil, and lying, cheating, and stealing.

Republicans like my brother believe in National Security, fiscal responsibility, and a tough criminal justice system.

Republicans like Charles Taylor believe in pretending to secure our nation while making it less safe, running up astronomical debt, and letting corporate criminals get off scot free.

There are a lot of good, well-meaning, principled Republicans out there. The problem is that none of them are in elected office. To those 15% of Republicans who are seriously dissatisfied with the way that their party is abandoning conservative principles, we invite you to take another look at the Democrats. We're not the most organized bunch in the world, but we will work tirelessly to protect the nation, grow the economy, provide health care to all Americans, safeguard the environment, lower the debt and deficit, and uphold the Rule of Law.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

As I have said above

then let them clean up the mess. But, at this point I think all Democrats need to paint all Republicans with the same brush.

"Oh, you're a Republican? I would have never thought that. You don't seem like the kind of guy that would support raping and torturing innocent Iraqi's just to see if they know anything."

"I don't support that!"

"Oh, well your President, Senator, and Congressmen do. So, I guess that means you, kinda, well, DO support those things. I mean, you voted for them, right? Just like we tell our kids, you are known by the company you keep."

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Republicans are Democrats

Who haven't got it figured out yet. While I support baring our teeth at every elected Republican and those who willfully re-elect bad representatives, it's important to remember that there are many Republicans who will return to the Democratic party.

My brother is a case in point. He will be back to the Blue.
The guy who showed up to Drinking Liberally...we're definitely going to turn him.

We'll do it by engaging individuals on a human level and stating our case respectfully. We'll help to smack down corrupt politicians using our bully pulpits and incendiary rhetoric.

We've got plenty of tools, so why use a truncheon when sometimes a kind word will do?

Reminding Republicans of what they're voting for is a good idea, but we needn't belittle people or pretend superiority - unless they're elected officials behaving in corrupt and incompetent ways, then we need to shout their bastarditude from every mountaintop.

At heart, I'm just another peace-loving liberal who would rather discuss than argue, who would rather solve probems than make them worse. The Rove Republicans have helped me to morph into the screwiest of hoolies, but I hope to be able to leave my outrage behind one day once all these criminals are out of office.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

This covers my sentiments pretty well, except . . .

I draw a pretty hard line around support for Bush's War.

I was radicalized back in the Vietnam era - or should I take credit and say I turned radical. But once that was over I became a reasonable person who would hear all sides of any argument and often surprise myself with where I came out.

I am becoming radical again under the reign of AWOL George. His lying us into war is an unforgiveable offense, partly because people are dying, and partly because he pretends to be all about integrity and such. Any elected official who defends this disaster is a criminal in my book. And any citizen who can't yet see the horror and refuses to hold Bush accountable is also complicit.

I can put up with a lot of Republican shit and meet them halfway on many things. But not this.