The Trump House Elf

From what I can tell about impeachment, the Congress has wide latitude in determining what constitutes an impeachable offense. There's no point getting into the quagmire of legal obfuscation: An impeachable offense is whatever Congress says it is. Which puts the spotlight squarely on the US Senate, and especially Thom Tillis.

You may not have been watching, but in recent weeks, Senator Tillis has emerged as the "House Elf" for Donald Trump. That's what Thomas Mills calls him, and it's a perfect descriptor. Anything Trump does is not just tolerable to Tillis, it's cause for giddy celebration.

There's a lot I don't understand about Tillis, but the biggest thing is this simple truth: He eagerly condones Donald Trump's incessant lying.

Take yesterday's news about the MacPro factory in Austin. Trump claims credit for the factory, no surprise there. Except for the fact hat the Apply factory has been open for six years, since 2013.

In what world is it acceptable for any elected official, let alone the president, to lie like this? In what world is such dishonesty tolerable by people who have sworn to defend our constitution and our country?

I'll tell you what world: Thom Tillis' world. A world in which the House Elf himself blabbers like a fool to defend obviously indefensible lying by the president. Day in and day out.

Congress has an obligation to hold Trump accountable, but they're making it too complicated. People are getting confused by Ukraine. Even brazen violations of the emoluments clause are open for debate. My recommendation? Focus on the lying.

Is incessant lying an impeachable offense? It is if our honorable representatives in Congress say it is. And they should.

But don't expect the House Elf to agree. Thom Tillis has an over-riding personal interest in propping up the corrupt Trump regime. He's buried in the slime up to his pointed little ears.



"He tells it like it isn't!"

I honestly can't understand how anybody (much less educated folks) can still support Trump. He can't get through a single damn day without lying his ass off about something, whether it's critical or trivial. I've known a few liars in my time, but none could hold a candle to this dude. Sheesh.