Trump brings his idiotic observations to Charlotte


At least a babbling brook is actually going somewhere:

"You saw what happened," Trump told the crowd at CPCC's Halton Theater. "It was the 'impeachment hoax,' and now that’s a thing of the past. They have the 'failed impeachment hoax.' They can put that on their resume. It’s a failed hoax. Every one of them have to put that right on their resume. It was a fix. Until it got up to Congress."

It didn't "get up" to Congress, it started in Congress. I was going to mention the "bicameral" nature of Congress, but that's too complicated to fit on one of Trump's pre-k flash cards. It doesn't take a mental health professional to detect some serious cognitive issues in his stream of unconsciousness, constantly repeating words like "hoax" until it's replaced with another that tastes right (resume). I watched a video of that speech (I won't subject you to it), and it's plainly obvious that Trump is taking some form of medication, prescribed or not. It's not helping.



I just have to say, I

I just have to say, I literally do hate the son of a bitch more and more with each passing day. I try to find it in my heart to be compassionate, but that space is gone. The damage being done is incalculable. We will be generations recovering from this insanity.

He has no redeeming traits

None. Three years ago, I viewed Trump supporters as mostly naive. Now? I can't even talk to them, because they're either ignorant or intentionally trying to erode our democracy for selfish reasons.