Trudymander: verb.

I found a new political term on twitter tonight.


Trudymandering is what happens to the North Carolina town of Greensboro when un-named and unspecified 'people' ask Sen Trudy Wade to gerrymander the town to ensure the election of Republicans.




The Greensboro News and Record has weighed in on the Big Why? Why was so much political capital expended to get Greensboro trudymandered??

As for how Wade has managed to get this far with SB 36/HB 263, that’s easy to answer.

She is consigliare to state Senate leader Phil Berger, meaning his power is hers.
Without Berger’s backing, this misadventure in micro management and mega meddling would have gotten nowhere.

As for why this bill means so much to Wade, your guess is as good as mine.
John Blust, a Republican from Greensboro who stood firm against Wade at great cost to his own political ambitions, has pointed out, over and over, that what Wade was seeking to accomplish wasn’t worth all this.

No matter how you slice Greensboro, Blust said, you’ll be hard-pressed to dilute the city’s liberal/Democratic majority, if that’s Wade’s aim.

Part of Wade's motivation clearly is the lure of power and an obsession to win, no matter the cost to Greensboro.

At some point, this local City Council bill became a statewide news story.
But in the end, this really hasn’t been about Greensboro. This has been about Trudy Wade.

It’s her world. We just live in it.

The paper goes on to say:

She legally disputed the loss of her county commissioners seat to Democrat John Parks, and would not let go of it for 18 months.

She pushed and prodded to reopen the White Street Landfill, a move ultimately rebuked by voters.

So, I don’t doubt she would have fought for SB 36 (or whatever you want to call it) until Halloween or Christmas, if that’s what it required.

The next question is: Why does Sen Phil Berger want the city of Greensboro gerrymandered?????

Please read the whole piece here:

I added a little graphic,

so people will be able to recognize the Trudymander when it pops up in their garden. :)



More reaction on

More reaction on Trudymandering in Greensboro.

Sen. Angela Bryant, a Rocky Mount Democrat, told reporters the new districts pack black voters into two districts to minimize their impact in the other districts.

Allison Riggs, a senior attorney with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, calls the law “arbitrary, discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

Anna Fesmire, co-president of the Greensboro area League of Women Voters, said the legislation is “beyond outrageous.”

“If this could be done in Greensboro against all the opposition,” she said, “then it could be done anywhere.”

Sen Wade made a few remarks as well.

Wade, the Republican sponsor, said the change will spur voter participation even if it creates short-term discomfort.

“Every time there’s a change it creates some chaos,” she said. “Change is hard, and people have to adjust.”

Time will tell if the people in her own district decide to make some changes as well.

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