Trouble on the coast

Hat tip to NC Policy Watch for spotlighting this frightening story of our sinking coastline.

Many of those data are highlighted in a new, “must read” investigative report from the news service Reuters entitled “Water’s edge: The crisis of rising sea levels.” This report finds that: a) the data are overwhelming and, perhaps even more disturbingly, b) that public officials are doing little-to-nothing about the problem except pouring more and more money down a very big drain — even when the impacted area are federal lands.




Worse than nothiing

Here in North Carolina, denial runs deep and wide. No one wants to admit that our coast is in peril for fear of crushing the real estate industry and ongoing development of coastal areas ... both of which deserve crushing with extreme prejudice.

Even worse, the clowns in Raleigh take pride in their ignorance and neglect. They'll push for more development and coastal spending until the 11th hour, then take their money and run to higher ground.  Instead of taking a serious approach to long-term planning, they've put their heads in the sand, pretending everything's going to be "just fine." 

All the facts says they're wrong, but they've already proven they don't care about facts.