TRO issued on Asheville water system transfer

Wake County Superior Court has issued a temporary restraining order, blocking the implementation of House Bill 488. The bill became law yesterday, without the Governor's signature.

This TRO gives the City of Asheville leeway to move forward on it's suit against the State of North Carolina and the Metropolitan Sewer District, which was the entity slated to take over operation of Asheville's water system today.

As this moves forward, no doubt there will be much information coming out about the City of Asheville's water system assets, including the 22,000-acre Asheville watershed, which borders the Blue Ridge Parkway north and east of Asheville. Not much has been said about this valuable natural resource so far. But transferring this valuable property to another legal entity could possibly open up at least parts of the watershed to development.

And that makes one wonder who is really behind this brazen confiscation of property.


Poor Pat McCrory

He decided to allow this outrageous action to become law because he found it too complicated to understand.

I didn't expect all that much from hizzoner, but this really is pathetic. I guess that's what happens when you operate with no core principles other than corporate greed.