Triangle Residents: Do not feed the I-540 Tolls

Hey everyone in the RDU area, a transportation heads up for ya. Brought to you by WRAL news.

The three roadways -- the Triangle Parkway, the Western Wake Parkway and part of Interstate 540 from N.C. Highway 54 to N.C. 55 -- would all connect. Triangle Parkway extends N.C. Highway 147 3.5 miles from Interstate 40 in Durham County to Interstate 540 in Wake County. The Western Wake Parkway extends from I-540 from N.C. Highway 55 south of Morrisville to N.C. 55 south of Apex.

The plan set forth by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority is to toll the three roads all at the same time. Turnpike officials said the benefit to having toll roads is that it gets the roads built two to three times faster.

So whadda think? Make the commuters pay for a faster route? Or is it just scamming those that need faster transit now into paying more for it? Isn't I-540 the great bridge to connect the City of Raleigh? Or now is it a income "gap"?

And shouldn't we be worried more about lite rail?


Make them pay

There's an existing "free" way to get there. If they want to get there faster, let them help pay for the road. On the other had, once the roads are paid for, the tolls should cease.

Tolls rarely cease

I've only seen it happen once . . . the James River Bridges and Tunnels around Hampton Roads.

Another old VA toll rd

There used to be a toll between Petersburg and Richmond on I-95. It's no longer there, but the admin building still is.

Make them pay

And once the road is paid for, use the toll money to pay for development of cleaner fuels.

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