This is transparency?

I was a little surprised when the governor of our state cut short her press conference Wednesday when reporters began asking her questions about her previous relationship with Col. Glover of the Highway Patrol. And again when her public affairs person abruptly ended Glover's time at the microphone after he blamed the media for the patrol's image problem.

I guess transparency and accessibility are not the same, but still. After eight years of a governor who rarely ventured out of his office and rarely interacted with the media, I thought Gov. Perdue was going to be more open with the media and her constituents.

And then she goes to New Bern on the last day of the session instead of staying in town to try to get her ethics bill through. Gov. Hunt used to go down to the GA all the time to lobby the legislators on behalf of the people of N.C. Sleasley rarely, if ever, ventured to the GA and let his hired help do his bidding. Perdue is definitely taking a page of out Sleasley's playbook, it seems.

The Who had it right: Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


We'll see

The proof of the ethics bill pudding will be in the tasting. Lots to digest from these last frenzied hours of sausage-making.