Toyota, NHTSA, and The Supremes

Today, MSNBC is reporting that State Farm notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)in 2007 of various problems with acceleration control in Toyota vehicles. State Farm is the nation's largest auto insurer, and says they routinely track claims for evidence of vehicle design flaws and report such findings routinely to NHTSA.

Now that corporations like Toyota can apparently contribute limitless dollars to campaign coffers, based on the recent ruling of the five men in black robes in DC, why bother with the appearance of a federal "watchdog" over automobile and highway safety?

On the other hand, which corporation's pot of money would win the arm-wrestling match, with drivers and their passengers watching on with interest?

What a mess we have created!


Is Toyota not doing the right thing?????

I hear you on the politics thingy. But, to me it sounds like, looks like, Toyota has given up a HUGE amount of money to suspend production of vehicles with suspect safety problems and is being up-front on this.

Whatcha saying here?

Yet to be seen

If it turns out that Toyota has known about these problems for a couple of years, as State Farm suggests, then it would be difficult to defend the company's actions, IMHO.


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