Toyota coming to NC?

Talk this morning about Toyota adding a new Southern plant to its North American factories, with a mention of a site in NC.
From the WSJ:

Toyota Motor Corp., coming off fresh market-share gains and a steep drop in sales by its Detroit competitors last month, is poised to turn up the heat further on the Big Three by naming a site in the Southern U.S. for its eighth North American assembly plant as early as this month, people familiar with the matter said.

Toyota has narrowed the site search for its eighth plant to three to five locations and could announce its choice as soon as this month, the people familiar with the matter said. Among the five locations are Chattanooga, Tenn., and Marion, Ark., they said. Others mentioned by people familiar with the matter included a location near Alamo, Tenn., and a site in North Carolina.

CNNMoney also in on the story.

So does anyone know where this "site in North Carolina" might be?

The News and Record published an editorial in April on the potential for another major project in the Triad and speculates that Randolph or Rockingham may be in the running.


Toyota to Take Over NASCAR!

I can see it now. They'll be running illegal sake on the dirt roads of Rockingham County.

Hey - that might be good!

We need something going on at the Rock!

Wait...wrong Rockingham. NC is the only state I know of where the city and county sharing the same name are at opposite ends of the state.

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Not just Rockingham

Henderson County, NC and Henderson, NC are about 300 miles apart.