Tonight’s Network Premier: “Escape Fire - The Fight to Save American Healthcare”

This is a “must see” documentary. Set your dvr to CNN at 8 pm this evening to record and view this most compelling and entertaining program. Escape Fire - The Fight to Save American Healthcare

I had the good fortune of meeting the director, Matthew Heineman, at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC. last April and participated in a Q & A after the showing. I was surprised and pleased to learn that it was the same Matthew Heineman that directed the HBO series, The Alzheimer’s Project (another one of my most favorite documentary series).

The Escape Fire Documentary weaves storylines that are eye-opening and mind boggling as well as hopeful and inspirational. Just take my word for it, ok? The doc won the “Humanitarian Award” at the Full Frame Film Festival and has garnered many other awards during it’s distribution.

Escape Fire has been available on iTunes and very recently on Netflix. But the big news is that CNN Films announced a week ago that it had purchased the U.S. tv rights to air the film.

“CNN Films is very pleased to bring this documentary to television. The physical health of our nation and the cost of healthcare, impact every current fiscal challenge we face. This compelling film gives us an explanation of some of the factors that have contributed to our broken system and explains why we urgently need to fix it,” said network Worldwide president Jeff Zucker in a statement Friday.

So tonight’s the night. The two hour documentary will be followed by a half hour program discussion led by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and a re-airing at 11 pm. An encore presentation will be presented on March 16th.

Please share this announcement and plan to watch/record this compelling documentary.