Tom Fetzer needs to be removed from UNC BOG


His personal ambition has clouded what little judgment he ever had:

Fetzer, a member of the UNC Board of Governors, inserted himself into yet another leadership decision about the school last week, during a university governance committee meeting. This time it was the question of Van Isley’s appointment to the ECU Board of Trustees. Fetzer sought to delay a vote, arguing the board should vet Isley more thoroughly than the average trustee candidate.

In interviews with Policy Watch this week, three members of the UNC Board of Governors and two members of the ECU Board of Trustees said they no longer believe Fetzer can be objective about leadership decisions at ECU, and he should recuse himself from issues related to the school.

Fetzer is like the proverbial bad penny: he just keeps turning up. He was an empty suit as Raleigh Mayor (forgot about that, did you?), a shit-stirrer as NC GOP Chairman, and a back-room deal-maker as a lobbyist. Of course he believes he has "earned" the position as Chancellor for East Carolina, and that belief will drive him to continue to meddle in the school's affairs until he gets it. He already thinks he's the Decider of the Board of Governors:

Gerlach became popular and was well-liked among students, faculty and trustees in his time as interim chancellor and announced he would be a candidate for the permanent position. That, several board members and ECU Board of Trustees members told Policy Watch, is why Fetzer seized on the controversy surrounding Gerlach’s drinking with students and allegations that he drove home intoxicated.

Fetzer became convinced he had to intervene in the official UNC investigation, one ECU trustee said, to be sure damaging information on Gerlach was not only uncovered by the investigation and brought to the board, but was quickly made public to quell sympathy and support for the man who might have been his rival in the chancellor search.

Fetzer employed Greenville attorney Peter Romary in an effort to secure damaging security camera video of Gerlach which was ultimately leaked to the media.

A report by the law firm hired to investigate the Gerlach affair found Fetzer and Romary did not fully cooperate with the official UNC investigation and instead ran their own rogue investigation which they concealed from the board.

And that alone should have cost him his seat. I will freely admit, he got me with that video evidence. Seeing Gerlach stumble to his car after hours of drinking is fairly damning evidence. But I would still rather see Gerlach in that position than Fetzer. If forced to choose between bad ethics or poor judgment, I will choose the latter every time.