Today’s Edition of the Circus of Situational Ethics

John Hood says we shouldn’t fix broken things, because we could buy new things instead of fixing broken things which still stimulates the economy, but just in a different way. Got all that?

Of course, hasn’t Hood always encouraged restrained government spending in the name of opportunity cost budgeting? Well, no.

However, if his column doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t matter. You’re just supposed to think he’s smart because he cites Keynes and Bastiat.

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Erik Sorenson fears a class war that the rich won’t win. Even though he does frown on a $37,000 toilet, he’s frightened that $100,000 in salary just isn’t enough. I wonder what the janitors at MSNBC made when he led the company.

Comfort poor little rich boy here

Don’t fear, Mr. Sorenson. There hasn’t been a class war that the rich haven’t won. Well, Bolivia did just approve a new constitution…
The people can make a difference?

And the Grandaddy of them all from Ed Cone’s place.

It’s time to take the medicine you prescribe to others.
Swallow hard and just do it


I almost wrote about Hood this morning

but my new motto is "If I can't say something that might possibly be interpreted as bordering on nice, don't say nuttin' at all."

Thanks for picking up my immeasurable slack!

Very glad to have you among the front-page crew.

Tennis Anyone?

You’re just supposed to think he’s smart because he cites Keynes and Bastian.*UN

Well! John is brilliant when it comes to research on Lord Maynard Keynes...Just last week he discover that
Lord Keynes play Tennis in the nude against his 4 th remove cousin conservative Alan Keynes. We have no idea if John play Tennis in the nude against Fredick Bastian before King Louis French court. Below is John source proving that Bastian was involve in Nude Sports.

Better explained than I did yesterday - with a picture too!

Krugman blogs about why Hood was wrong yesterday.

I apologize for not being as clear.

Strange how Pope Foundation pundit/economists don't understand accounting. I wonder if Art Pope's new law school in Raleigh will have professors that don't understand the law.

A little north of the state line, Pat Robertsons's Regent University apparently suffers from situational ethics as well. Wonder of wonders! Glory be!