TN Nuclear Spill Almost Covered Up

Oops, seems like you just can't keep things secret anymore. You know, all those nasty little spills which could have, like gone fissile and maybe killed a few thousand people.

Crap like that.

Dig this NY Times article by Matthew Wald.

Seems the NRC is more interested in protecting it's subcontractors than the people of Tennessee. The NRC allowed a 20 day period for public comment, but they missed one important point.

But no member of the public ever did. In fact, no member of the public could find out about the changes. The document describing them, including the notice of hearing rights for anyone who felt adversely affected, was stamped “official use only,” meaning that it was not publicly accessible.

“Official use only” is a category below “Secret.” Documents in that category are not technically classified but are kept from the public.

The agency would not even have told Congress which factory was involved were it not for the efforts of Gregory B. Jaczko, one of the five commissioners. Mr. Jaczko identified the company, Nuclear Fuel Services of Erwin, Tenn., in a memorandum that became part of the public record. His memorandum said other public documents would allow an informed person to deduce that the factory belonged to Nuclear Fuel Services.

Thank you, Mr Jaczko. You are a hero.



that the Puppets would be gushing today about how safe and secure nukular power is.

For the record, I am not an opponent of nuclear power.

I Am

For the record, I am not an opponent of nuclear power.

It's not as 'cheap' as they'd like you to believe but finding the truth is difficult.


It's exactly what should be asked . . . and isn't.

Open government? Now there's a quaint idea.

I would favor nuke plants

and would support putting one in my county if the business in question convinced the folks to sell their lands. I would not condemn properties for a plant.

Someone is going to make a buttload of money on this plant. I will allow the people who own the lands to get as much as they can from this endevour or to determine if they wish it here.

I also feel that certain members of the county establishment should be allowed into the plant to find "leaks" as described in that article. Transparent government controls would be paramount with this. If the plant feels their safety and operational programs need to be kept a secret, then that company does not need to be in my county. Heck I would require that internet monitoring of critical boards, indicators, etc are available for anyone to review and would be available free for anyone within 10 miles of the plant. This way the company would know "little brother" is watching! Would require that no way could this monitoring be stopped even in the event of a problem. No secrets.