Time to stuff the Republicans own Excrement back down their Throats

Cross posted at Mydd.com. Kissell's situation may be a little different, where he needs to put CAFTA CAFTA and CAFTA in every spot, but you get the idea.

I'm tired. I'm frustrated. I'm probably, like a lot of you, fed up with the rerun that plays every other September called "Democrats Run for Cover While Republicans Beat Us Like Red-headed Stepchildren" So to any Democrat listening, and especially to any Democrat that's in charge of Messaging for a campaign, it's time to put up or shut up.

Here's a refresher for what's happened just since Labor Day

1. Bush conflates Iraq and 9/11.

2. Boehner says Democrats are more concerned about saving terrorists than Americans.

3. Ensign and DeMitt do the same thing in the Senate.

4. Santorum releases new ad saying Casey is funded by a cabal of jailbirds (completely false).

5. Nancy Johnson says Chris Murphy wants to protect terrorists' phone calls.

6. Repeat 1-5 all across the country and in compliant stenographic press corps.

And that's just since Tuesday. So instead of hunkering down and taking it like we usually do, and then hope that Dems will just remember to get to the polls, how about we try something different this time? I call it,

Make Republicans Eat Their Own Sh*t

1. If Bush likes Bin Laden so much now, then we're gonna show him with Bin Laden every chance we get. Put up an ad that puts up EVERY quote about how Bush thinks Bin Laden isn't a priority. Who cares if they're out of context or if he retracted his statements afterward? Make them F*ing eat it. Then put up pictures of the twin towers burning. Then put up more pictures of Bush with Bin Laden on the loose walking peacefully through Pakistan. Then put up a picture of the republican candidate along with these pictures. Get the idea? Bush + A-hole republican = Bin Laden + Twin Towers. Simple.

2. Repeat 1. except replace pictures of Bin Laden and twin towers with pictures of people on rooftops in New Orleans. Show picture of Bush strumming guitar while people die in NO. Now show picture of a-hole republican smiling while people die on rooftops and point out how asshole republican supported Bush's fuck-up in NO. It's a tenuous link you say (like they voted against an amendment to restore wetlands in LA)? Too bad, images matter. Details Don't so make them f*ing eat it. So Bush + A-hole Republican = People Dying on Rooftops.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 except replace with pictures of violence in Iraq and/or Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Sadaam Hussein. Put on the screen number of Americans killed and wounded. Now show footage of Bush saying how sure he is there are weapons of mass destruction. Ask people, "wouldn't you like to ask the president some questions about how we got into Iraq?". Say how a-hole republicans in congress and local a-hole republican in particular won't and can't ask questions. Then tell them to vote Democratic. Throw in some more pictures of Bin Laden.

Got the idea?

Iraq + Bin Laden + Katrina = Democratic Congress


Got it.

Democrats must make this election a referendum on the disastrous presidency of George Bush and the rubberstampers who enable him.


Thanks. I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But I needed to rant today. I just couldn't stand one more media story about how Democrats are once again going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And it's especially irksome when these stories often have quotes from Democrats sounding like scared chickens.

I just hope the campaigns aren't afraid to go all out and nationalize this election and point out how truly awful and disastrous the republican party is for America.

I'm all for ranting

The Dems have been so constipated and politically correct for so long that many have forgotten what authentic activism looks and feels like. For some of us, it's about pushing the limits, holding down the fringes, so our brethern and sistern seem reasonable by comparison.

This November will be a BIG TEST. If the Dems can't pull it off - and I think they can - I predict a major party fracturing and the political equivalent of nuclear winter.

This is good

had a late night last night and this is nice, simple perspective. There's so much swirling around sometimes we forget the big things as we try to catch all the little ways the Republican candidate has screwed up. Nice visuals and I have no problem with any of what you've listed. The fact is, it's all true.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

media cycles

regarding the media stories that portray the democrats as "snatching victory from the jaws of defeat" - this is an important forum for activism to take place. when mainstream outlets frame questions in their terms, i.e. elections as sporting events with underdogs and favorites, they then control the language of the debate. the only way to change this is through grass-roots outlets where actual people share their concerns and keep hammering away at them, talking-points style, till those concerns are heard.
it's also sad how the katrina recovery effort has fallen off the radar so much lately, notwithstanding the trickle of one-year anniversary stories a week ago... this site
is one i found that uses some (debatably offensive) humor to maybe keep the recovery effort towards the front of the line in terms of issues, while not glossing over a lot of the racism inherent in the effects of the disaster...