Time to hold Thom Goolsby accountable:


PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE TRUTH: After the jump, there is an image we are asking people to share with everyone they know via social media and email. We need to hold Thom Goolsby accountable for his recent editorial about Moral Mondays. (You can see the editorial at http://bit.ly/19bjYOy if you have not yet read it.) Tell everyone you know who has not attended a Moral Monday to come and see for themselves so that they know the truth: the good people of North Carolina are speaking up at Moral Mondays, people of all races, ages and socio-economic groups, people who will no longer tolerate the politics of hate as exemplified by Thom Goolsby's shameful comments. Thank you. Photo to Share after the jump.

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...take a moment to contact the NC Bar Association to encourage them to take appropriate action against Goolsby, and contact Campbell University to encourage them to disassociate themselves with Delusional Sen. Goolsby who apparently is an adjunct law professor there.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Feet on the ground is the only response to Goolsby.

The factual errors in his article are obvious to all of the readers of Blue NC, I know. The one that upsets me most is the lie that the people on the mall last monday were just old hippies reliving their glory days and acting like old fools. By my estimation, young people, led by many groups, most notably the NC Student Power Union, made up at least two thirds of the protesters. The youngest arrestee was probably Xena Goslen, but she was not alone representing NC youth by any means. I was extremely proud to see a thousand of NC's youth on the mall, demonstrating their concern for the future, their disgust at the actions of the GOP legislature we are all familiar with.

We all are concerned and disgusted. Goolsby feels the people of NC are not concerned that the GA is removing protections for the poor, lowering taxes on the wealthy by raising taxes on the poor, and gutting environmental protections. He is wrong. The people of NC are learning now what a mistake it was to elect these people, and we are letting him, and them, know it. We are insuring that the people know what they are doing. Already they have backed off fast track fracking, and they may back down on pending legislation, like the new voter restrictions and some budget items if we make enough noise to illuminate these things.

There is only one way to answer this sort of nonsense, by turning up and demonstrating who we are, professionals, merchants, students, farmers, in other words, all the people of North Carolina.

This piece of drivel written by Goolsby was published in the Chatham Journal, the hometown paper in Mayor Voller's town of Pittsboro, where he has been mayor for 4 terms. Mayor Voller and his allies have been battling the right-leaning bias of publications like this one for years. He has answered them and pursued a progressive agenda in the face of their constant personal and political attacks, advocating for low cost housing and clean water and parks, and Pittsboro just keeps re-electing him.

The people are not fooled by the likes of Goolsby. Show up on Monday, and tell him so. Let the people of NC know what he and his ilk are up to, and let them know they need to vote these clowns out in 2014.

I'd like to think past and future Moral Monday protests

will cause the NC legislature to reconsider it's actions. I'd also like to think Goolsby's insulting letter will cause voters to remember him and be a prime reason for booting him out in 2014. Sorta like I'd like to think the recent revelations on the extent of NSA / Government /Corporate spying on the citizenry would cause a political upheaval in the US. But, I doubt it.

My numbers are pure guesses, but I suspect 50% of the people in NC, or the nation, either don't care or don't know enough about what's going on to have a strong opinion. Of those who do know and care, half are unhappy and half are pleased...either for ideological reasons, or because, in the NSA case, they're willing to give away their privacy for "security" because "I haven't done anything wrong, so it doesn't bother me" or "gee, what's the big deal?"

As far as the clergy's added involvement in Moral Monday, liberals are likely to wonder "gee, where were they when Amendment One was being debated?" and see their involvement as too little too late. Conservatives will find a bible verse somewhere that proves "these ministers" are not legitimate...or something. The NAACP's involvement is being spun by conservatives as ....They've been looking for a cause, any cause, to prove they're still relevant and increase financial contributions. And, the legislature...they've already proven they don't care. It's the "screw you...I'm the big cheese here" attitude of most of our politicians...and they'll just laugh as folks are hauled off to be abused and processed by our "justice" system.

The ONLY thing that's going to change all this is if we get firebrand candidates for political office who are willing and capable of telling the truth in a way that will inspire the public to act. I sincerely hope James is one of those candidates in NC...and I hope for similar candidates on a congressional / national level. And then, of course, they have to fulfill their rhetoric...unlike Obama.

Or, we have to haul out the ropes and pitchforks and take our country back.

My faith in "It's a Wonderful Life" type outcome is fading. I hope I'm wrong.

Stan Bozarth