Time to call out Republicans for voting against the Right to Contraception Act

Americans for Contraception are rightfully calling out NC's entire Republican Congressional delegation that voted against Congresswoman Kathy Manning's Right to Contraception Act in their latest ad. It was a simple bill that protects the right to condoms, IUDs, the pill, patches, emergency contraception, and the ring. With a pivotal election just around the corner, it is likely that a vote will come up again early next year.

Americans overwhelmingly support the right to contraception. It's time to start talking about this and calling out representatives for voting against basic freedoms.

NC spokesperson for Americans for Contraception, Vanessa Watson, said, “The threat to contraception is far from existential, it’s staring us in the face. Americans for Contraception was launched to urge people to contact Congress with the message that 90 percent of Americans support contraception, and they better vote to protect it.”