Tim Moore forces us to create new political corruption term: Nepo-Patronage


That's when you get your girlfriend a cushy job in government:

The day after our story that asked about a newly created, high-paying job given to North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore’s girlfriend, Jennifer Gray, was published, we received a call from an official at the Department of Insurance (DOI). “We can see how you were confused,” said Marla Sink, deputy commissioner for communications, who proposed a conference call to clear things up.

Information previously provided by DOI officials was conflicting as to whether the job given to Ms. Gray was a political patronage position. And they had refused to explain themselves.

There are a lot of questions that need answering on this issue, including why the NC GOP felt the need to give Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey $10,000 in the middle of his four-year term. You would think with all 170 seats in the Legislature being contested, that money would have been better spent elsewhere. But setting that pile of unnecessary money aside, this conference call did anything but "clear things up.":

On October 1, during our conference call, DOI General Counsel John Hoomani explained why no other candidates were considered for the job given to Ms. Gray. Paperwork had been properly filed, including a copy to Speaker Moore, to make the position “policy-making exempt.” Meaning, the requirements of regular state jobs — such as being selected from a pool of applicants with no political influence — did not have to be followed. To back up his claim, Hoomani provided documents.

Ms. Sink sent us Ms. Gray’s resume and called the next day. She said that in the beginning of the administration, names were tossed around, and Jennifer Gray came up. DOI’s Chief of Staff John Baldwin and John Hoomani interviewed Ms. Gray.

Yet when I asked Mr. Hoomani during the conference call, he had no recollection of interviewing her.

Of course he doesn't recall it, because that interview (very likely) never happened. The job was created specifically for her, and there were no other applicants. And if you believe it's just a "coincidence" she's engaged to "let's make a deal" Tim Moore, I've got some fertile farmland in the Gobi Desert at a really good price for you.