Tim Dunn's Exit from NC-8

This post is for all of you who like your breakfast toast over Dunn. In addition to the coverage on BlueNC (press release, forum discussion), here's a quick roundup of what's out there on the interweb:

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Good job Lance

I despise allergy season. Now that that's off my mind....I'll catch up on the Dunn news.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That's bad news...

On the upside, Larry Kissell seems to have his stuff together.

It'll be a real disappointment if we don't make Hayes pay for his CAFTA betrayal...

It sounds like

Kissel might actually be better poised to attack Hayes over CAFTA. Have you read about his pet goat?


We need to do an interview with that goat.

Tim Dunn

The tragedy is Mr. Dunn's failed congressional bid is the fact that a number of out-of-towners (Washington DCCC folks) came down to the district and tried to hand pick their candidate. Mr. Kissell didn't flinch. His consultants didn't flinch and now he is going to be the front runner because he built his support in the district and ran a down-home, grassroots campaign.

The road to November is a tough one, so far Kissel has shown he can take the heat....it's too bad Washington's favorite son dropped out. Perhaps the lesson learned is that North Carolinians do a pretty good job to deciding who they want to support.

I heard early on that the outsiders

were going to back Dunn. I was a bit surprised to see that they didn't. Evidently, they saw the same things in Kissell many have seen. I know the rhetoric was a bit testy with some of the Kissell supporters at first, (maybe some younger students who were over enthusiastic) but they calmed down and it's been very clean since the earliest days. I like the idea that the DCCC didn't pick the candidate for the 8th.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.