Tim Dunn Featured in the USA Today

In the race for North Carolina's 8th Congressional District, there seems to be two Democrats seriously vying to take down Robin Hayes: Tim Dunn and Larry Kissel. Larry Kissel has thus far dominated the online/blog race and Tim Dunn has grabbed the national attention. Tim Dunn now adds USA Today to the national media outlets that are giving him exposure. From the USA Today:

Tim Dunn, 45, is a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Reserves who served in Baghdad in 2004 as a legal adviser to the Iraqi Special Tribunal trying Saddam Hussein. If the Democrat wins a party primary, he would face GOP Rep. Robin Hayes in a North Carolina district with a strong military presence that leans Republican.

The story tells nothing new about the race but helps Dunn name recognition.


Good catch.

Looks like you're back! We've missed you.

I'm convinced this "Fighting Dems" business has great potential -- and speaks directly to the issue of national defense strength. What better way to exploit the breaktaking lack of military experience among Republican law and policy makers.