Tillis & Tucker bump heads trying to brown-nose Trump

And it's only going to get worse over the next 10 months:

“Like other conservatives I had my doubts about Mr. Trump,” Tucker said. “Without a policy record, I questioned whether he would govern as a conservative. . . . I could not be more delighted, and frankly amazed, at how he has transformed this country in the last two years.”

Tillis allies don’t buy it. “It is laughable that a charlatan like Garland Tucker thinks he can make this race into a question of who can better support our booming economy under President Trump,” said Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the Senate Leadership Fund. “North Carolina needs a senator who will work with the president – not one . . . now lying to cover his tracks.”

Oh, the irony. Tucker is lying alright, but he's lying about Trump's "transformation" of the country. He has brought us about halfway to the United States depicted in Idiocracy, and clawing back from that is going to be damn near impossible. Also, I kinda hate to see Carter Wrenn devolve once again:

In his statement, Tucker said Tillis “has publicly opposed the president numerous times.” Among other things, he pointed to Tillis’s February op-ed in the Washington Post in which he said he opposed Trump’s emergency declaration to build a border wall. The next month he voted for it.

“When people learn about his voting record, his support collapses,” said Tucker strategist Carter Wrenn.

Tillis boasts a record of voting with Trump 95% of the time, according to 538, an analytics website owned by ABC News. Wrenn dismisses 538 as a liberal site. He points to Heritage Action, a conservative group that gave Tillis a 59% conservative voting rating. Walker’s rating is 96%.

But wait, this Primary could get even more stupid in the near future:

Tillis continues to fend off challenges in his bid for a second term. Republican Garland Tucker already is airing TV ads. And the conservative Club for Growth is pushing GOP Rep. Mark Walker to run after commissioning a poll that called Tillis “a weak incumbent” vulnerable in a primary.

Meanwhile, the anti-tax Club for Growth also opposed Trump in 2016, spending $7 million against his candidacy. The Club, which supported state Sen. Dan Bishop in the recent 9th District GOP primary, rarely opposes Republican incumbents.

Walker could not be reached. But spokesman Jack Minor said the Greensboro congressman has declined to rule out a Senate bid. The Club for Growth poll, he said, reflects “what we’ve seen on the ground.”

“I’m surprised (the Club) would be encouraging a pathway that hurts the president,” Tillis strategist Paul Shumaker told Politico. “No one benefits from a combative primary in a battleground.”

After reading that five times, I'm still confused. Why would the Club For Growth spend $7 million opposing Trump, then turn around and support a loyal TrumpBot like Mark Walker? The most likely answer to that question: Mark Walker in an idiot. An easily manipulated idiot.




is a political whore, pure and simple. He might have rehabilitated his image over the last few years, but underneath, there's no denying his motives. It's about power and influence ... having nothing whatsoever to do with the well-being of our country.