Tillis troubles


Take a look at Thomas' breakdown of the 2020 US Senate race. On one side, a possible primary challenge from Mark Walker, representing the Christianist wing of the Republican Party. On the other side, two-faced Thom Tillis and a couple of other challengers.

Ironically, the one decent thing Tillis has done was to speak against Trump's border madness. That moment of truth got him into trouble with his deplorable base and he voted with Trump after all. Which has created an opening for someone else.

I hope Walker jumps in ... and finds himself facing Janet Cowell or Deb Ross.



Trump's coat tails

Thomas has some observations worth checking out. But good lord. The idea of anyone literally holding onto Trump's gross, disgusting coat tails really really really creeps me out.

I was going to say

Walker is an idiot who would lose a debate with a banana pudding. But as we've seen with Trump, basic competence, much less intellectual prowess, is not really a requirement for our nation's highest elected office...