Tillis and Meadows: Abandon ship ... or go down with the ship?

It's not often two national politicians can be tied together with a single fancy ribbon, but Thom Tillis and Mark Meadows certainly can. They're both hyper-partisan shills for Donald F. Trump, fluffing the Orange One with no regard for truth, decency, or constitutional responsibility. Each has a daily Twitter presence that sings Trump's praises while denigrating fully half of their constituents with accusations of being part of a liberal mob.

But in the wake of John Bolton's blockbuster disclosure yesterday that Trump has been lying to the American people throughout the Ukraine affair, what do you think Tillis and Meadows will do? I suspect they'll split company. I expect Tillis to pivot with all of the solemnity he can muster: "I'm as shocked as I can be," he'll say. "The president appears to have been lying to me." Meadows, on the other hand, will go down with the Trump ship. He has no future in Congress and is too much of a coward to cross 45 in any way.

Tillis' vacillating will cost him dearly. He can't back away from Trump fast enough, even if he tries. His hundreds of statements about Trump being "perfect" in his presidential duties give him no cover. He's trapped in his own web of deception. He will be crushed in November.

Everyone in America knows the truth about Donald F. Trump, even those who won't admit it. Everyone knows Trump is a lying piece of trash with nothing but self-interest directing his actions.

And now that this truth is out in the open, Thom Tillis has nowhere to hide. And Mark Meadows? He'll drift off into oblivion, forever shamed by the president he embraced.



Both are feckless pieces of shit...

But, I think you misjudge the GOP's ability and willingness to create and spread some lie/excuse to their base that they will embrace and allow them to willingly vote for Meadows and/or Tillis.

Stan Bozarth