Thursday News: Wrong, as usual


MCCRORY CALLS DEMOCRATIC OPPOSITION OF TRANSGENDER BILLS "CANCEL CULTURE": “There are a lot of issues, including that issue, that need to be allowed to be discussed that doesn’t involve the cancel culture. It needs fair discussions.” Cancel culture has become a broad term used to describe everything from people losing their jobs for their behavior to businesses boycotting states over policies they disagree with. Major League Baseball moved its All-Star Game and several corporations have rebuked Georgia in recent weeks after passage of a package of election laws. “This cancel culture has got to end and the identity politics has gone way too far, especially on the left,” McCrory said. “We’ve got to end the identity politics and cancel culture and we need to be judged by our individual character, heart and souls.”

MARK ROBINSON TRYING TO SQUEEZE INTO THE GOP SENATE CLOWN CAR: Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, one of the more popular Republican politicians in North Carolina, is "seriously considering" a jump into the state's 2022 U.S. Senate race, a spokesperson confirmed Wednesday. A second source, a Republican operative in the state, also said Robinson is "seriously considering" the move, that he reached out to other senior elected Republicans about it and that he "has been encouraged to enter." Both sources asked that their names not be used, but one is a spokesperson for Robinson himself and the other a well-known operative. Other signs point to his interest as well. A survey of likely GOP primary voters, taken earlier this month, indicates Robinson could be a front-runner in the race, if former President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, stays out. Lara Trump, who lives out of state but was born in Wilmington and attended North Carolina State University, leads the potential GOP field in a primary to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, according to the survey from GOP firm Cygnal.

AUTHOR OF SPORTS BILL ADMITS HE DIDN'T MEET WITH ANY TRANSGENDER FOLKS BEFORE FILING IT: It’s one of three bills proposed in the General Assembly that critics say would limit the rights of LGBTQ people, especially transgender youth. The other two address healthcare for LGBTQ people and would prevent doctors from performing gender reassignment surgery or providing hormone treatment for people who are under 21. Those who oppose the sports bill say it discriminates against young people. Several people discussed their children’s love for sports, need for acceptance and understanding from lawmakers about what it means to be transgender. Brody was asked about the work he did before filing the bill to learn about people who are transgender. He said he did research. When asked if he spoke to any transgender people he said he had not. “This is something that the people of North Carolina have required us to do it,” Brody said. “They’ve required us to step up and deal with all issues including controversial issues and this is no exception.” They also expect you to be objective, but you can't do that without meeting with the people you're persecuting.

BIDEN WILL IMPOSE SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA OVER CYBER ATTACKS AND ELECTION MEDDLING: The Biden administration will announce Thursday the first significant sanctions targeting the Russian economy in several years in order to punish the Kremlin for a cyberespionage campaign against the United States and efforts to influence the presidential election, according to senior U.S. officials. The administration will also sanction six Russian companies that support Russian spy services’ cyberhacking operations and expel 10 intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover in the United States. The measures are an effort to make good on President Biden’s vow to hold Moscow accountable for a series of operations, including the hacking operation commonly known as SolarWinds, which compromised nine federal agencies and about 100 private firms. Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a call on Tuesday that Washington would be taking actions “in the coming days” to defend U.S. national interests, without specifying the exact timing or measures, a senior administration official said. Biden also raised the possibility of a summit with Putin. As president-elect, Biden had told Putin in January that his administration would be “compelled to respond” to these activities, the official said. “So it should not come as a surprise to the government of Russia that we’re taking these actions.” The package includes sanctions on all debt Russia issues after June 14, barring U.S. financial institutions from buying government bonds directly from the Russian Central Bank, Russian National Wealth Fund and the Ministry of Finance. The action, experts said, will complicate Moscow’s ability to raise money in the international capital markets.

U.S. HOUSE EMPANELS COMMITTEE TO EXPLORE REPARATIONS FOR SLAVERY: A House committee voted on Wednesday to recommend for the first time the creation of a commission to consider providing Black Americans with reparations for slavery in the United States and a “national apology” for centuries of discrimination. The vote by the House Judiciary Committee was a major milestone for proponents of reparations, who have labored for decades to build mainstream support for redressing the lingering effects of slavery. Democrats on the panel advanced the legislation establishing the commission over Republican objections, 25 to 17. The bill — labeled H.R. 40 after the unfulfilled Civil War-era promise to give former slaves “40 acres and a mule” — still faces steep odds of becoming law. With opposition from some Democrats and unified Republicans, who argue that Black Americans do not need a government handout for long-ago crimes, neither chamber of Congress has committed to a floor vote. The renewed interest in reparations comes as Mr. Biden has positioned addressing racial inequities at the center of his domestic policy agenda, proposing billions of dollars in investments in Black farmers, business owners, neighborhoods, students and the poor. The White House has said Mr. Biden’s $4 trillion jobs agenda is intended, in part, to “tackle systemic racism and rebuild our economy and our social safety net so that every person in America can reach their full potential.” The question of reparations to former slaves and their descendants has vexed and divided policymakers for generations, caught up in larger questions about the legacy of racism in America and white denial of the crippling effects of the slave economy. It presents thorny practical questions as well, like who should benefit, what form reparations might take and how to pay for them. William T. Sherman, the Union general, made the first widespread attempt in 1865 with a special battlefield order to seize 400,000 acres of costal land and award it in parcels to former slaves. But after President Abraham Lincoln died later that year, his successor, Andrew Johnson, quickly rescinded it. No subsequent plan has come close to enactment. Best explanation for Lincoln's assassination I've seen so far.



The GQP has jumped the shark and circled back around it for more

IndyWeek sent out a newsletter this morning with an overview of top stories around the state and highlighted this poll from Cygnal showing the preferences of NC Republicans for the open US Senate seat. The results:

Lara Trump - 32.4%
Mark Robinson - 21%
Pat McCrory - 14.2%
Dan Forest - 12.7%
Mark Walker - 3%

The candidates with the strongest "brand" of racism, bigotry, and extremism polled higher.

A lot can change over the next few months, but this tells you everything you need to know about the mindset of rank and file Republicans going into the next election - they want their Trumpist fascism and they want it now.