Thursday News: That's also racism, Phil


ANGRY ABOUT NOTHING, BERGER MOVES TO OUTLAW AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: “Children must learn about our state’s racial past and all of its ugliness, including the cruelty of slavery to the 1898 Wilmington massacre to Jim Crow,” Berger, a Rockingham County Republican, said at a news conference Wednesday. “But students must not be forced to adopt an ideology that is blah blah blah." In addition to the bill, Berger filed legislation on Wednesday to put on the ballot a state constitutional amendment saying, “the state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.”

THE BLUE WALL CRASHES DOWN ON BODYCAM LEGISLATION: The bill passed the state Senate unanimously in May. But when it began its journey through the House on Wednesday, the body camera language had morphed. Sen. Danny Britt, R-Robeson, the bill's primary sponsor, said law enforcement had second thoughts and asked for changes, which were written into the bill late Tuesday afternoon. The new language would require a court appearance by the family or their attorney for any body camera footage release, something a number of House Judiciary committee Democrats objected to when the new bill was unveiled. Dawn Blagrove, an attorney and executive director for racial justice advocacy group Emancipate NC, told committee members that the new language made the bill "inexplicably worse." After some back and forth, the committee voted to simply remove the bill's body camera section altogether, which would leave current state law intact.

PEOPLE ARE RETURNING PANDEMIC PETS AFTER GOING BACK TO WORK: During the pandemic lockdown, many pets enjoyed the luxury of having their families home all day, every day. Shelter adoptions increased, with many people looking for companionship during the isolation. But now, with people heading back to work after months of being at home, some of these pandemic puppies are beginning to suffer with anxiety and stress – especially if they've never had the experience of being left alone. Dogs under stress can cause behavioral issues – and these behavior issues are causing people to return their pandemic puppies back to the shelter. These problems go way deeper than just helping our pets with anxiety – too many people are deciding they can't handle their dog's problematic behaviors. A puppy who missed that experience of learning to be alone may struggle with troublesome behaviors – chewing and scratching, damaging furniture and doors. They may use the bathroom inside the home, or whine, cry and howl.

TWO ALAMANCE NUTTERS ARE STILL PROTESTING ON UNC CAMPUS: Burlington resident Thomas May was one-half of a recent demonstration held on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that has since been condemned by school officials. A video, courtesy of the Twitter handle @UNC_Alerts, depicting May and another Alamance County resident began circulating on Saturday. The identity of the second person could not be verified. In the video, both are seen and heard at the Unsung Founders Memorial displaying Confederate battle flags and white power signs. May can be heard saying he wouldn't mind having a pair of slaves and imitated the sound of a whip. May, a prominent pro-Confederacy demonstrator, has protested in support of Confederate monuments in Graham and other towns. Earlier this year he was one of the primary organizers for an event commemorating southern secession from the union. He was also in DC during the insurrection, waving a 3-percenter flag. No photos of him inside the Capitol, unfortunately.

TRUMP CFO RESIGNS FROM TRUST IN EFFORT TO DODGE PROSECUTION: Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg has resigned from a trust set up to control all of the company’s assets — seemingly giving up his place at the top of the company’s formal hierarchy — according to government filings obtained by The Washington Post. In papers filed with regulators in New Jersey, the Trump Organization said that Weisselberg was no longer a trustee of the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust. When Trump took office in 2017, that trust took in all his companies and investments. In effect, Trump’s lawyers said, the trust owned the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization has not responded to questions this week about what role — if any — Weisselberg plays at the company now. A person familiar with the Trump Organization said this week that Weisselberg had resigned from every Trump subsidiary at which he had held a title. Company executives have said in the past that the company is somewhat unstructured at the top, with top executives paying little attention to titles. It is possible that Weisselberg still wields informal power, even after giving up his role at the trust and subsidiaries.



Berger is a racist and bigot, but he's no fool

The one thing that everyone seems to be missing about Berger's proposed NC Constitutional amendment is that it's a repeat of a tactic used by the GOP in 2012 to drive right-wing turnout to the polls.

Remember Amendment 1 that outlawed gay marriage?

The legislature, knowing full well that SCOTUS would likely make gay marriage legal in a few months, put this on the ballot to drive hard-core evangelicals and bigots to the polls during a primary election and give them some red meat heading into the General Election.

Berger and the NC GOP are wanting to use a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to drive racist turnout at the polls. If it did pass the legislature, it would be on the ballot in the next primary, sometime in early 2022, laying the groundwork for turn-out in the mid-terms later that year.

Berger is simply pulling a Jesse Helms here. Helms had no gumption about using race-baiting to get his supporters out to vote to maintain his power.

Basically, this tells me that Berger and the GOP see the shifts in public opinion about Republicans and they're wanting to use any tweaks, like voter suppression, to maintain control of the legislature.

Excellent points

No fool. Just a power-hungry bigot and all around asshole.