Thursday News: Sixteen candles


BILL RAISING LEGAL MARRIAGE AGE FROM 14 TO 16 PASSES UNANIMOUSLY: Fourteen- and 15-year-olds would no longer be allowed to marry in North Carolina under a bill the state Senate unanimously adopted on Wednesday. North Carolina has the lowest minimum marriage age in the country at just 14. Sen. Vickie Sawyer, R-Iredell, initially pushed to raise the marrying age to 18, saying she found that most child marriages involve abuse and poverty and end in divorce. But she backed off after hearing from people who said their mothers or grandmothers had married at younger ages and had happy, if difficult, lives. The International Center for Research on Women reviewed marriage license applications in 50 North Carolina counties from 2000 to 2019 and found more than 4,000 minors had applied to be married during that time.

POLICE BODYCAM BILL WOULD REVERSE WHO HAS TO GET PERMISSION FROM JUDGE: The general public still won’t be guaranteed the right to see body-camera footage of police shootings in North Carolina, but under a bill the state Senate passed unanimously Wednesday, the victim’s family would. The bill, Senate Bill 300, says a victim’s family should be able to see the footage within five days of the police killing or seriously injuring someone, unless the police convince a judge to keep the footage secret. That would reverse the current rules, which say the footage is secret unless the family can convince a judge to let them see it. Sen. Toby Fitch, a Democrat from Wilson who is Black, is the one who originally proposed the amendment with the body cam changes to the larger bill Britt has been leading through the Senate. “The family needs to know,” Fitch said Monday when he proposed the changes, The News & Observer reported. The changes only affect the rights of the family to see the footage, not the general public.

DURHAM HIGH SCHOOL GIRL FORCED TO CUT HAIR TO PLAY SOFTBALL GAME: "My team, all of my friends were cutting out some of my beads. They snatched some of the beads out of my hair,” described Pyles. “I felt just so embarrassed and disrespected and just distraught at that point.” Nicole’s dad, Julius Pyles, said he contacted all parties involved the next day. “I was deeply hurt because my child, none of those girls, should have had to endure that type of behavior,” he added. Four months ago, Durham became one of the first cities in the state to ban discrimination based on hairstyle in the workplace. Durham Public Schools released a statement late Wednesday citing its support for the policy. “Durham Public Schools supports our students’ right to free expression and opposes unreasonable or biased restrictions on Black women’s hairstyles,” the statement reads. DPS officials also said it’s encouraging the N.C. High School Athletic Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations to review their policies. The district says that, on the surface, they seem fair but are “culturally biased.”

PIPELINE IS RUNNING AGAIN, BUT PANIC BUYING CAUSED MAJOR SHORTAGES OF GAS: Colonial initiated the restart of pipeline operations late Wednesday, “which means that all lines, including those lateral lines that have been running manually, will return to normal operations,” the company said in a statement. But it will take several days for deliveries to return to normal, the company said. In North Carolina, 65% of gas stations were out of fuel, according to, a technology firm that tracks real-time fuel prices across the country. Just outside Raleigh, two people were charged with assault after fighting and spitting in each other’s faces while arguing over their spots in line Tuesday at a Marathon gas station, authorities said. North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper urged people Wednesday to only buy gas if their tank is low, and to report any instances of price gouging. “We will continue our efforts to help make sure there is an adequate supply of fuel,” Cooper wrote on Twitter. Georgians were also getting squeezed, with 43% of stations there out of gas, according to In Virginia, 44% of stations were out, and in South Carolina, 16% had no fuel. Once again, NC idiots have embarrassed the entire state.

CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS TRY TO REWRITE HISTORY OF JAN. 6 INSURRECTION: “Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes, taking videos, pictures,” Clyde said. “You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.” A few Republicans chastised the FBI for seeking to identify and arrest everyone who breached the Capitol that day. Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) accused the Justice Department of “harassing peaceful patriots across the country.” Alternatively, Gosar said Babbitt had been “executed.” Babbitt defied police warnings not to attempt to enter the Speaker’s Lobby, which connects to the House floor. The officer who fatally shot her was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. Another Republican suggested the rioters, who marched to the Capitol from the “Stop the Steal” rally after Trump encouraged them to go there and “fight like hell,” may not have been Trump supporters. “I don’t know who did they poll to say that they were Trump supporters,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), adding that the attack was premeditated and so could not have been incited by Trump. Some rioters draped themselves in Trump flags. Many wore Trump’s signature red Make America Great Again gear. Many of their social media accounts were filled with baseless pro-Trump claims about the 2020 election. The House impeached Trump on a charge of “incitement of insurrection.” He was acquitted by the Senate, though 57 lawmakers found him guilty.



So, my question is ...

... which Republican legislator has an under 18 daughter he's arranging a marriage for? Or which Republican legislator or legislator's son has recently gotten an under 18 girl pregnant?

About that "premeditated" comment...

Believe it or not, "Stop The Steal" actually dates back to the 2016 Election:

Its origin traces to Roger Stone, a veteran Republican operative and self-described "dirty trickster" whose 40-month prison sentence for seven felonies was cut short by Trump's commutation in July.

Stone's political action committee launched a "Stop the Steal" website in 2016 to fundraise ahead of that election, asking for $10,000 donations by saying, "If this election is close, THEY WILL STEAL IT."

In other words, Trump had been stoking the fires for an insurrection before he was even elected. And weeks before he was defeated in November 2020, negative polling drove him to continually throw wood on that fire, pushing his followers to more and more drastic behavior like trying to break into ballot counting facilities.

On Dec. 10 Trump Tweeted: "This is going to escalate dramatically. This is a very dangerous moment in our history...The fact that our country is being stolen. A coup is taking place in front of our eyes, and the public can't take this anymore."

All throughout the rest of December (and early January) Trump called on his followers to come to DC on January 6th and protest the inevitable Congressional certification of his loss, and held a "staging' rally to get them fired up.

So yeah, it's safe to say that he incited that attack. To believe otherwise is patently absurd.