The Third Way (ex: Democratic Leadership Council or DLC)

From & Friends: Failing upward at the Democratic Leadership Council with Al From.

Al From, founder of the DLC and PPI, is proud of his ability to drag the sorry danged liberals to the right, constantly and consecutively. Why do we need to know about DLC and Third Way, because Clinton followed it mightily and did bad things. DLC, and now the Third Way are Trojan Horses in the Democratic sphere and have successfully built a culture of Blue Dogs, a nearly extinct version of Democratic politician - to wit Kay Hagan, who is currently co-chair of the Third Way. Third Way looks as if composed mostly of banksters, financiers and assorted other financial riff-raff.

Take a look at the Nation article, and/or read the book. In light of the demise of the blue dogs in the solid Republican south, it seems people think, why settle for Republican Lite when you can get the real idiot.



I will support her if I have to

but oh how much happier I would be to work to elect Elizabeth Warren.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Given the dearth of progressive news in North Carolina

I'm happy to broaden the discussion a bit ... to ideas or insights we might be able to work with from wherever. This "Third Way" article is a good example of something to debate.

For my part, I'd rather be part of a permanent minority than continue the kind of corporate welfare we've seen being doled out in both parties.