Is there any late word on Kathy Taft's condition

Is there any late word on Kathy Taft's condition and if they have found who did this to her? She has always been a good dem and a good public servant and I hope everyone will say a short prayer for her recovery from this brutal attack.


Not looking good

I really don't want to bandy about gossip that might cause undue pain to friends or family, but both her ex-husband and police issued statements this morning confirming her death, and then they both retracted those statements.

I grew up in Greenville and I knew Kathy and her family

I went to high school with her daughters from her first marriage, there last name was Perry. And her then brother in law Hoover Taft, III lived across the street from my family. Kathy lived my precint and we attend meeting togather. We did not always agree on things, she even once nominated some one to run against me for a party office, but I won the election and she did not have any hard feelings about it. It is really odd right now to think about what happened to her I do pray she pulls through, and I pray for her family as well.

She may had died?

This morning a statment was released he had died, but it was retracted, now another statement of her death has been released, we will see, but prayers for her family.