That's Andy. Even CBS Couldn't Shut Him Up!

There, it's gone. BB


Check this out on Snopes

This looks like a re-mix of a couple of things that have been floating around the internet for years, like this one collected on the internet in 2003.
Also this one. etc. There are a half dozen "Andy Rooney quote" e-mails listed on this page, 2 of which are actually true, according to Snopes. One of those is a commentary in which he says the French have not earned the right to criticize the U.S.; in the other, he says God told him Pat Robertson and Mel Gibson are wackos.

BB, you should get on my SIL's e-mail list, she gets this stuff distributed in a very timely fashion. I'm pretty sure I got this one, or one similar to this, from her a couple of years ago.

great minds, cd

great minds.

I'm not so sure it needs

to be deleted. It shows who BB really is and what she really stands for.

Andy Rooney never said this stuff

Right! But Brenda said this?

(I believe in this to the extent of hunting rifles and hand guns for protection. I do draw the line at military style weapons that were designed especially to kill people. There is room for compromises on the gun laws. BB)

That is exactly what the King of England told the American revolutaries in 1776.

2nd amendment

Congress shall not pass any,any,any,any,or even think about it, laws for American citizens to disarmed themselves period! *paraphasing

Brenda might be thinking about this amendment to the amendment that the founders might have consider..

Revise draft of 2 nd amendment that Brenda suggested.

Congress shall not pass any, laws for American citizens to disarmed themselves, except to compromise for the good of George Bush and his police state agenda to surpress your consitutional rights.

I certainly have nothing

I certainly have nothing against gun ownership since I have a couple myself. Having been raised in West Virginia mountains hunting was the favorite sport. What I can not see anyone on earth having a use for are Uzis and the like or armor piercing bullets. I am also appalled by the ease with which guns can be purchased at the gun shows. just ask and it is availble. I believe there is room for some compromise.
THe United States has the highest murder rate per capita than any country in the free world. This alone is good reason to make weapons harder to get. BB


I am a great fan of Andy

I am a great fan of Andy Rooney and have been most of my life. I remember my grandfather reading me stories from him during WWII. My father was in the Pacific and one uncle in Europe and the other uncle on a hospital ship. I was too young to understand a great deal that Grandpap read to me, but I remembered the name and became a follower. I suppose I came to respected him for his integrity regardless of who or what he was talking about.

As for this piece I didn’t check Snopes because I am sure that I have heard or read him make similar statements either in speech or his writings. And you notice I did not use quotes. I used the comments as an opportunity to voice my own opinions on these issues. BB


Then why

If as you say,

As for this piece I didn’t check Snopes because I am sure that I have heard or read him make similar statements either in speech or his writings.

Why does Snopes quote him as saying it is

a serious theft of my name and it is so hurtful to my reputation that it calls for legal action against the thief. . . .
Some of the remarks, which I will not repeat here, are viciously racist and the spirit of the whole thing is nasty, mean and totally inconsistent with my philosophy of life.

I suggest in the future when you decide to cut and paste e-mail forwards, that you first run them by Snopes or or, or simply google a phrase just to verify whether it is what it appears to be.

Or maybe

write something yourself instead.

Lance and Anglico, and

Lance and Anglico, and anyone else:I DO WRITE MY OWN OPINIONS and well you know it. I did not get thios in an e-mail, I picked it up surfing and it just got me going off on some of my own thoughts. This is one reason I surf. As I stated I am a fan of Andy Rooney and I am sure I have read or heard these comments from him at some point. I probably have the very first book he wrote and his opinions like all thinking people change over time. I have indeed heard him comment about all Black organizations being racist if the Blacks insist that all White organizations are racist. He insisted it could not be both ways. I also heard his comment clearly when the African American designation came out. He couldn't understand why when one did not come from Africa one would want that designation. Why not Black American? These comments were not made to be racist, but to question the motives of using them. As I do.

My main focus was to use the piece to bounce my own opinions off of. I really am surprised that I am getting flak on the authority of Snopes rather than my own comments. Did not expect this firestorm. BB


Here is

a page of real Andy Rooney quotes. For example,

All men are not created equal but should be treated as though they were under the law.


Taxes are important. President Bush's tax proposals leave no rich person behind. Voters approve of President Bush helping the kind of people they wish they were one of.


We should change our attitude toward the United Nations. There has to be some power in the world superior to our own. We should not have attacked Iraq without the okay of the United Nations. Now we have to live with that mistake. We're living with it, and too many of our guys are dying with it.

I don't see anything resembling that racist, right-wing drivel you attribute to him.

I also have not come across that BS you attribute to him on any site except the urban legend debunking sites.

What is this called?

This whole business of content like this . . . what is it called?

I confess to not reading the whole thing. BJ gives me Attention Deficit Disorder

I call them refwds

The name of the game is to craft an email so interesting that it gets propagated, and one way to win is to tap in to opinions people have but feel like they can't voice (like the idea expressed in the first paragraph above about racism being a myth).

I just call them BS

but you may be thinking of "urban legends."

Reading it over, I should

Reading it over, I should have edited it much instead of copying and adding my own views. It was sloppy of me. I get carried away with my own thoughts sometimes. And neither did I make note of the source which is another mistake I seldom make.

He certainly DID NOT say these thing "a few weeks ago", tho he has over the past 30 or so years commented on much the same things. I imagine I have only missed a dozen or so 60 Minutes shows since it start in the late 1960's ( not sure of date "67, "68 or '69 and don't want to take time to look up). Andy Rooney started some time in the late 1970's. BB


What about the remarks

Snopes quotes him as saying, such as "a serious theft of my name" and calling the remarks "viciously racist" and saying that "the spirit of the whole thing is nasty, mean and totally inconsistent with my philosophy of life."

Andy Rooney is certainly a curmudgeon, but he's no neo-con.

Thanks, BB.

Deleting was a good move. Don't you feel better already?

Problem is....

how many on your email list did you send it too? Are you willing to send them the same message?

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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