Thank you to our local hospitals combatting COVID-19

Dear Editor,

Despite the difficulties that COVID-19 brought to North Carolina, our local hospitals rose to the challenge to help those in need, and save countless lives. Whether patients were treated for coronavirus or a routine medical need, local hospitals continued to provide quality care.

As a staff member at a retirement community, we struggled with the virus. I saw, firsthand, just how deadly and contagious COVID-19 can be for the elderly in our community. But we were lucky to have Mission Health nearby with dedicated first responders, doctors, and nurses that assisted our residents who became infected with COVID-19, while also providing routine medical needs.

It is vitally important all our residents at the retirement community, as well as all those across Western North Carolina, have access to the quality care that local hospitals like Mission Health provide. These medical professionals are always ready to help when any medical need arises, whether it be a global pandemic or a simple checkup.

Having a hospital system like Mission Health close by gives me peace of mind for not only our elderly patients, but our larger Western North Carolina community. I encourage everyone in our area to get vaccinated so that we all can continue to remain safe from COVID-19.


Nancy Ronalter




I'm just crazy dealing with the kind of willful ignorance that leads to health workers being put at risk. Anyone who can be vaccinated but chooses not to should be charged with reckless endangerment.