Thank you, George

Some things can be learned only at the knee of desperation. That may explain why some people who narrowly escape death often live so boldly.

America is pretty much there right now. At the knee of desperation. Our failing currency. Our collapse of integrity. The unprompted aggression in Iraq. The economy. Gangs. Racial tension. Wars on everything. Way too many things suck. Fortunately, a majority of American voters seem to recognize this hard reality. They see the cliff ahead and have fear. They watch incompetence and are embarrassed. They experience machine politics and feel disgust. They want deep and meaningful change. Finally.

Thank you George Bush. You are the last and critical straw. The tipping point. You are finally good for something.


A writer over at Ed's place

Says he's not liked or welcomed by environmentalist organizations because he's working from a Christian foundation. That doesn't ring true to me, but I wanted to check it out with others, knowing that I have not a lot of patience with all things religious.

You can find the discussion here.

Your thoughts?