Tearing down signs

Apparently, someone took a very large number of Dellinger for Lt. Governor signs down in Chapel Hill. It is obvious that another campaign (or campaign supporter(s)) did it because ONLY Dellinger signs were stolen. Please do not do this. Just because Hampton's volunteer base has done a fantastic job putting up signs doesn't mean people should feel jealous and tear them down. Not cool. And if anyone on here knows anything about this, please let me know. thanks.

P.S. I heard someone talking on another thread about a few Dellinger signs being put up in front of Besse signs. I do not advocate this AT ALL and am always extremely careful not to put my signs in front of ANY other candidate's--I will emphasize this to the Dellinger campaign. Even if this did happen--and I heard it was only a few times--it does not give anyone the right to go around town stealing a bunch of Hampton's signs.

Many thanks, and happy campaigning!


Tearing down signs.

I wrote that Dellinger's people put signs up in front of Besse signs, which they did on South Greensboro and as far as I know you can still drive by and see that. However, I obviously didn't take down the Dellinger signs because I don't even have enough time to get all my own signs out, nor to move those Besse signs out from behind the Dellinger signs!!!

I do know that I had several Jim Neal signs disappear and a couple Dan Besse signs. In two cases there were Jim Neal signs next to Besse signs and only one disappeared. In the other cases, they are all gone. I assume that is HOAs being picky and not individuals. Or, bored teenagers.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


i wasn't accusing you of it but i appreciate you responding. Sorry about ours and best of luck. Hopefully we can keep to sign eating monsters at bay. Enough with the destructive politics of sign removal! :) I just saw Obama speak... :)

If Hampton Dellinger signs

If Hampton Dellinger signs continue to get torn down, the Dellinger campaign will be forced to take further action against the criminals responsible.

You have been warned. Touch your own signs, not ours.


I'm not in favor of sign stealers, but this idea that "the Dellinger campaign will be forced to take futher action against the criminals responsible" is such a hoot.

Right. I betcha law enforcement officers all over the state are very concerned about this criminal behavior. I betcha they want to expend resources on capturing these fiends.

I love the "you have been warned" touch!!! God I bet the sign stealers are a-shakin' in their shoes now!

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i think MrMayham was being a wee bit facetious

no one's getting in trouble for anything, but hardcore campaign volunteers do get passionate about defending their candidates property. Think he was playing around with the use of harsh language though.

Political Signs have Disappeared from my yard

But that is because I have removed them myself.

Just because I have one sign in my yard does not mean I want to have a sign war. Furthermore, that one sign in my front yard does not create an open portal for all candidates and campaigns to put a sign in my yard.


Taking down signs on your own property is well within your rights. Taking down signs in the right-of-way is theft even though they are placed there illegally.


Is it theft or litter pick-up?

I consider signs placed illegally in the rights-of-way litter. If your campaign workers cannot follow the rules on signs, you deserve to have them yanked up.

It isn't theft if the city/county/town picks them up

However, people from other campaigns should not touch signs except to replace them or repair them....you know, if they're being helpful. Some folks put signs up in front of shopping centers and other areas thinking they are putting them in the right of way, but are putting them on private property. The owner of that property has the right to remove the signs.

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I agree that opposing

I agree that opposing campaigns should not engage in "litter patrol," but I applaud those who volunteer to pick up litter next to our roads. If they don't discriminate when they pull up illegal signs, it should be no different than picking up discarded McDonalds bags, tires, and all the other junk people dispose of next to our roads.


we just had a vol yelled at by cop for picking up a sign that was hers to begin with. He was like, dont be placing signs in the right of way. Her: no I'm picking them up. He says, WHAT? you can't do that. Her: no, they are ours, it's coool. etc etc.

I have to say I agree with splib

We (the Moore Co. Dem. Party) try excruciatingly hard to follow the various ordinances in the county and the various towns, and try to make the campaigns in the county aware of them. The ordinances are posted in our HQ, and printouts are available. Every precinct chair was given a copy, with the part that applied to their precinct highlighted. We encouraged precinct officers to call the campaigns who had signs in illegal spots to ask if we could move them. If it's a campaign I know, I simply move the sign and let the folks know.

For what it's worth, I live on the edge of land that becomes extra swampy after a hard rain. You can imagine what it's like after the last couple of days. There is a campaign sign for one of Joe Boylan's competitors now sitting in a swamp off of Holly Road in Lakeview. Appropriate.


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Hell yeah!

check out the Charlotte Observer endorsement of Dellinger. Biggest paper in the state...and the one Dalton reads when he wakes up back home i bet. :)

And Harvey Gantt just endorsed Hampton. Things are looking pretty good i'd say. But no one's counting any eggs yet; we are going full tilt ahead and have an extremely active grassroots campaign!

Yes, I did not mean anything

Yes, I did not mean anything serious by that post. I just got a little fired up right there. I just don't think that tearing down signs is acceptable behavior.

I apologize if anyone took what I said out of context as I previously stated, I got a little fired up there. I apologize.

That's what you

That's what you think.

Smathers and Besse have a lot more support than you give them credit for, and they might surprise you on election day.

I personally don't see any one candidate getting more than 50%.

So here's the thing

I just came from one of the early voting sites in Moore County - and along the way saw several HD signs that had clearly not held up to the wicked weather. The one at the polling place itself was in several pieces and lying on the ground - it had been run over. I picked it up to see if it could be salvaged; it couldn't. I threw it away. I'm getting ready to try and contact their guy here to let him know. The wire frame is still there -- the sign itself just couldn't take the weather.

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Noah forgot to take our signs in last night

And now the HD08 campaign has to do a "squishy pile of paper waste that used to be our sign" patrol.

Fresh signs will be in Wake County tonight. Luckily, campaign signs grow like mushrooms.

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I'm just curious.

Are y'all using plain paper? I wrote to someone who contacted me to let them know that I've now seen three HD signs turn mushy and fall off the metal posts. I put up my Besse and Neal signs at roughly the same time, and while several have blown away, none turned mushy.

I think the printer screwed you guys.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.