Teabaggers strategy for local governments

In the last couple of weeks I have become aware of several strategies that local "teabaggers" are using to gain influence and control in our county and local governments.

1. "Teabaggers" are applying for appointments to every local board, commission, etc. that are appointed by county and town boards. I was approached by our county Democrat chair to apply for a position for a licensed Professional Engineer on our county's "Board of Engineering Review." That board oversees our county's steep slope development ordinance. After brief deliberation with my wife, I decided to apply and am waiting to hear whether I will be appointed or not.

2. Our recently elected Register of Deeds has reported that "teabaggers" are wandering through the courthouse with clipboards, noting whether county employees in the various offices appear to be busy or not. Apparently they are attempting to gather evidence of massive time wasting and inefficiencies among government workers.

LESSON: These appointed boards often are pro forma with little attention paid to them. Democrats/progressives need to start paying attention to the local health board, zoning board, soil conservation board .. whatever your county or town has. Otherwise the crazies will soon take control. Similarly, we need to be on the lookout for "breaking news" about "lazy government workers."


Scary stuff, USNA

But true as rain. That's what happened in Wake County, and now that corporations can basically buy whatever influence they want, it's going to be all out war.

I'm in the market for an assault rifle. Got any suggestions?