taylor's latest self-fluffing campaign mailing!

lookie what was waiting for me when i got home from work today! (click to enlarge - you can actually read some of it as well!)

(i'll try to get a pic of the other side of it a little later)

i don't have time right now to properly rail against this thing, but i can tell you that i made a few phone calls...

- called the Asheville office to voice my concern, and was immediately transferred to DC
- the woman in dc (whose name I did not get - she sounded young) assured me that franking information was all public knowledge, and that I had to get in touch with the "house admin legal resources" (sic), and gave me the phone number for the house switchboard. either she didn't know how to transfer my call to the house switchboard, she didn't want to transfer my call to the house switchboard, or taylor was too cheap to buy a phone with a "transfer" button on it. (the latter makes the most sense; if i understand it correctly, franking comes out of each representative's office budget.)
- called the house switchboard, and got disconnected
- called the house switchboard again, and was transferred to the legislative resource center. the gentleman i spoke to told me that the cost of individual mailings wasn't readily available, and the amount that a representative spends *per quarter* is available in a disclosure report that would be available at the end of this current quarter. whether this is actually true or not, i'm not sure. still, this is clearly a franked campaign mailing, which i'm sure can be called a "newsletter" in the same way that hookers and blow can be called "entertainment expenses"...

anyway, i gotta split; an evening with tom waits is beckoning (a mythical "extra ticket" arrived via fedex this afternoon! WOOHOO!!!). i just wanted to throw this up to get a discussion going...


Thanks for posting this

I'm seeing color telephone pole fliers saying "did you get one of these? did you like it? well good, because you paid for it."

At first glance (and in the small picture) I thought that was a human brain being attacked by garage sale price tags.

And for god's sake, man, vacuum!

I bestow upon you

the new nickname of "Hoover".

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LTE time

The Asheville paper should slam this like a loose screen door. And someone should file an ethics complaint. And citizens should sue the crooked son of a bitch for spending their money on his self-congratulatory bullshit.


Here is a link to the forms, in case anyone needs to send some mail and charge it to the taxpayers.

As for the cost:
"If Joe Schmoe wants to know how much he pitched in for that four-color brochure praising Congress and the president, he must travel to Washington. The reports are not available online, and the Franking Commission doesn’t mail out copies. How’s that for convenience?"

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