Taylor's Immigration Proposal Falls Flat

The Asheville Citizen-Times is kind enough to point out the difference between working on solutions to a problem and simply throwing money at it. Unsurprisingly, the 11th Congressional District's Charles Taylor is in the borrow-and-spend camp.

The best starting point toward a sane immigration policy is the bill introduced last spring by U.S. Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz., an odd couple if there ever was one. The bill has something for everyone, ranging from a border study to more money for English language instruction.

Illegal residents can apply for six-year visas and those awaiting legal immigration can apply for three-year visas, renewable once. In either case there are mechanisms for seeking permanent residency after the six years.

. . . .

Still, Kennedy-McCain at least is a reasonable approach, which is more than can be said for the proposal by U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor, R-Brevard, to hire 15,000 more people to patrol the Mexican border. You cannot seal off a 2,000-mile border, no matter how many people you deploy.

CITIZEN-TIMES.com: It’s time to put some sanity in our immigration policies

For a Republican, Taylor's a lousy fiscal conservative.