Taylor: NAFTA is the Cause of Job Loss (Do Not Mind My Vote For CAFTA)

At his annual year-end fundraiser, Charles Taylor NC-11 was hit with a question on job loss (the area has lost 6,100 jobs since January 2003), His response was to point to 100 jobs being sent to Mexico and blaming NAFTA. From the Citizen-Times:

Taylor and Allen met with media representatives prior to the start of the dinner. When asked about the region’s future now that another 100 jobs will be lost after last week’s announcement that Asheville’s Cardinal Health plant is relocating to Mexico, Taylor blamed the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“NAFTA, which I voted against, has done a lot of damage in Western North Carolina,” he said.

Taylor does not want to remind voters that he removed his vote against CAFTA after pressure from the White House--although he still claims to have voted against it:

"I voted no on (CAFTA) in the vote last night," Taylor, a Brevard Republican, said in a statement. "Due to an error, my `no' vote did not record in the voting machine. The clerk's computer logs verified that I had voted but it did not show my `nay.' "

-- Charlotte Observer (link)

This is just another deception from Taylor, much like his unbelievable vote story. The 100 jobs going to Mexico is nothing compared to the 1,000's being lost due to CAFTA, where he sold out his constituents. It is time to replace him with someone that will give North Carolinians results instead of excuses, Heath Shuler.