Taylor cuts State Wildlife Grants

Charlies Taylor's house committee has voted to cut State Wildlife Grants from the current $85 million to $50 Millon. This is lower than the 74.6 million recommended in the President's budget. These grants help the states prevent threats to habitat, population and health and are making a real difference for America's wildlife. This is just one more reason to send Charlie home.


Yet ending corporate welfare

Will just not add enough money back into the system, however taking Thumper's home will?


Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.


Original source-"Covey Rise" Magazine July 2006 issue. This is a Quail Hunting Publication. In their article they referenced www.teaming.com site where you can see what the grants are all about.The covey rise magazine is right of center on most issues but I believe their heart may be in a good place.

Senate restores some money

The senate subcom. seems to have set the level of funding at 67.5 Millon far less than the present $85 millon but this has to go to conference