Taylor Campaign Fights to Regain Credibility - Part Two, HR 4437

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCongressman Charles Taylor is on his heels in the campaign for North Carolina's eleventh district. Questions regarding his financial irregularities are cropping up today after a week in which Taylor has had to explain and reexplain his position on the forest selloff. The credibility crisis in the Taylor camp is rising just as the debate over immigration heats up on Capitol Hill, and Charles Taylor's far right wing view on the issue aligns him with the most extreme elements in the House.

While a bill resembling the one proposed by the President moves through the Senate, Representative Taylor, along with Tom "Nuke Mecca" Tancredo and James "Big Brother" Sensenbrenner, are pushing immigration law intended to turn America's 11 million undocumented immigrants into felons.

NYT: "The House bill would, among other things, make it a federal crime to live in this country illegally, turning the millions of illegal immigrants here into felons, ineligible to win any legal status. (Currently, living in this country without authorization is a violation of civil immigration law, not criminal law.)"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhile four different versions of the House Bill work their way through the process, Charles Taylor and the xenophobic Tancredo are pushing for a bill that threatens civil liberties, encourages racism, and ignores the pivotal role played by immigrant populations in America. While President Bush's plan creates an indentured subclass, Taylor's HR 4437 creates an indentured subclass and an institutionalized criminal class.

Instead of telling his constituents what the full bill entails, Charles Taylor sent out a obfuscatory smokescreen, further weakening his already damaged credibility. In his weekly email, "Capitol Connection", which came out two days early in response to far reaching public disgust and heated media coverage, Taylor writes (no link, sign up here):

"Highlights of H.R. 4437, the Border Security Act, include the following:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us- The bill institutes an employment eligibility verification system in which employers will check the Social Security numbers and alien identification numbers (provided by employees) against Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) records, to weed out fraudulent numbers and ensure that their employees are not working in the U.S. illegally.
- The bill would greatly increase criminal penalties for alien smuggling through such devices as establishing mandatory minimum prison sentences. These provisions were recommended by a panel of border-area U.S. Attorneys to make it easier to deport smugglers and illegal entrants.
- Provisions would stiffen penalties for aliens who re-enter the United States after having been removed.
- The legislation would bar aggravated felons (crimes of violence) from entering the country, and would prohibit green cards to those convicted of crimes of violence.
- Provisions in the bill would authorize and reimburse local sheriffs in the 29 counties along the southern border to enforce the immigration laws and transfer illegal aliens to federal custody. It also specifically reimburses those sheriffs for costs associated with detaining illegal aliens whom they arrest, until they are able to hand them over to federal authorities.
Bars aliens who are potential terrorists or security risks from becoming U.S. citizens.
- Would make multiple DUI offenses a deportable offense for all aliens."

These snippets report sections of HR 4437 that play well to the majority of Americans. Here's what the Taylor campaign decided not to tell you:

ILRC: "HR 4437 criminalizes organizations and individuals assising undocumented immigrants.
HR 4437 grants state and local law enforcement agencies "inherent authority" to enforce immigration laws
HR 4437 expands the costly detention of immigrants.
HR 4437 guts the federal courts' authority to review immigration matters.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHR 4437 turns many minor crimes into aggravated felonies, which carry the worst possible immigration consequences.
HR 4437 eliminates key safeguards concerning evidence used to prove an immigrant is deportable for an aggravated felonies
HR 4437 reverses the burden of proof
HR 4437 undermines state court decisions regarding the reversal or vacation of convictions in immigration proceedings

James Sensenbrenner, Charles Taylor, and David Duke's favorite Republican, Tom Tancredo, are leading the way for this radical legislation. Back home in NC-11, Taylor is misrepresenting the anti-immigrant HR 4437 in his "Capitol Connections" by hiding the bill's most alarming aspects.

You can reach Charles Taylor's campaign at (828) 251-1988. Press Secretary Deborah Potter will be glad to answer your questions and field your suggestions for rebuilding Congressman Taylor's collapsed credibility.

{Part Three of this report will address Congressman's Taylor's Financial Disclosure Statements to the FEC}


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