Taylor Campaign Fights to Regain Credibility - Part One, the Forest Selloff

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After a weekend in which Charles Taylor's campaign went into a credibility tailspin, they've sent out an email to try to salvage Taylor's reputation. On Friday, March 24 The Southern Dem and the Macon County News reported that Taylor's statement regarding his opposition to the forest selloff was no longer reliably operable. USFS Chief Dale Bosworth said that Taylor hadn't told him that the plan "was not going to happen". The story showed up at Daily Kos, MyDD, and BlueNC.

Today, Scrutiny Hooligans detailed the credibility crisis overtaking the Taylor campaign. Seven short hours later, Taylor's campaign released their weekly emailing, "Capitol Connection" (sorry no link, sign up here). The first statement, bringing back echoes of his botched CAFTA vote, lets us know that he's even more against it than he was before (emphasis Taylor's):
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"Today, I sent a letter to my colleague Jim Nussle, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, sharing that same opposition with him - and asking that he reject any attempts to include the proposal as part of the Fiscal Year 2007 Congressional Budget Resolution."

"In fact, the President sent a draft of legislation requesting approval of the land sale to the House and Senate on March 16th, but that draft remains in well-deserved limbo. Without a sponsor in either chamber to move it through the legislative process, the proposal is dead on arrival; it will go nowhere."
"We will remain vigilant throughout the year, and take every opportunity to prevent it from being resurrected, whether through the Budget and Appropriations processes, or as stand-alone legislation."

Congressman Taylor felt the political heat and did the right thing whether he wanted to or not. The eleventh district created a political firestorm that kept Charles Taylor on defense for the entire month of March. His camp remained in the "no decisions until the final language" stance until forced into the "I'm claiming I claimed my opposition" stance. Now they're firmly in the "If I do this I don't get reelected, so you can believe me" stance.

Heath Shuler got out ahead of this issue and comes off as the candidate in control of the issues in this race. It also marks a new low in Taylor's credibility when, after telling his constituents that he opposed the plan, his veracity was again called into question by the print media, the blogs, and everyone who called, wrote, or faxed his offices.

Thanks for clearing it up for us, Congressman Taylor, we appreciate your responsiveness.

{Part Two of this report will address the second part of Taylor's Capitol Connection, his support of the draconian HR 4437 anti-immigrant bill}


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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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I still don't believe him. He'd go back on what he said if the price was high enough.....hehehe...like I'm telling you something you don't already know.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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