Taliban Dan: Forest taking part in religious extremist conference

The company you keep says a lot about you:

Next month, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will be the special guest at The American Renewal Project’s “North Carolina Renewal Project” event in Charlotte. The roster of speakers for the private conservative Christian event includes:

A pastor who calls the notion of a separation between church and state “cowardice” and those in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality “militant homofascists” bent on turning the U.S. into Sodom. An author who has railed against Muslims as would-be conquerors and rapists and LGBTQ rights as a first step to America living under Sharia law. A pastor and Republican politician who has asserted anyone not committed to the U.S. as an explicitly Judeo-Christian nation should leave.

Apparently the only way to avoid Shariah Law is to form a Christo-Fascist state? You know what, don't try and understand it, because that way lies madness:

William Federer is a one-time U.S. congressional candidate who has self-published a number of books on historical and religious subjects with conservative political orientation through his company, Amerisearch, Inc. In interviews, Federer has warned of an eventual Islamic takeover of Europe and the U.S. of which he said the LGBTQ rights movement is a first step.

“The whole atheist-homosexual-gay-agenda movement, that’s a temporary thing,” Federer said. “That’s simply a detaching phase to get us away from our past to move into an Islamic future.”

In starkly religious and racial terms, Federer warned of the United States following what he sees as a pattern of Europeans being out-bred, outnumbered and victimized by Muslims in Europe.

Yeah, that boy ain't right. To posit the LGBTQ movement is somehow part of a conspiracy to bring about a Muslim state defies logic on so many grounds I don't even know where to start. But that's the kind of crazy that Dan Forest thrives on:

Kendra Johnson, executive director of LGBTQ rights group Equality NC, said Forest speaking at the October event is “disheartening but not unexpected.”

“This has been Dan Forest’s track record so far – supporting measures that don’t support all of the citizens of North Carolina,” Johnson said. “This is another way LGBTQ people are marginalized – when we see our elected officials in North Carolina refuse to sit down and talk to us about our lives, but they will speak before groups like this.”

When painting a portrait of the ideal American family and its values, Johnson said, groups like The American Renewal Project forget about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families, immigrant families and non-Christian families. “There are a lot of types of families in North Carolina,” Johnson said. “If you claim you want to represent family values, you also have to consider those families.”

State Rep. Alison Dahle (D-Wake) agreed. “If you say you represent North Carolina, you have to represent North Carolina and all its people,” Dahle said.

The fact that it worries me that too many North Carolinians might agree with him is depressing, to say the least. In a sane world, such affiliations would push him deep into the unelectable category. But we don't live there, as evidenced by the nugget-munching dotard stinking up the Oval Office.