A Tale of Two Candidates


In the campaign for North Carolina's 41st State House District, the choice could not be more clear. The voters of the 41st District have before them two candidates whom represent the future and the past. The sharp contrasts reflect the transformation happening in the Tar Heel state as North Carolina transitions from a ruarl-agrarian economy to one of a high-tech information based.

Democrat Ty Harrell, the "can-do" candidate, demonstrates a vast knowledge of the issues that face his constituents and the state of North Carolina. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and there is no doubt he will be an effective leader for the folks living in NC House District 41.

Republican Russell Capps, the reactionary Representative "NO", has proven himself to be too extreme and out of touch with the needs of a district growing in population and diversity. His brand of politics is a link to the Old South past, where government protected the interests of the landed gentry while ignoring the plight of the masses. Capps is ineffective as a legislator and his district suffers by his ineptness to understand the issues shaping the future of North Carolina (his only legisltiave accomplishment was HB829, 2005 Displaying Government Flags).

If you are not convinced by my rhetoric, take a closer look at Capps legislative record and beliefs. Swept into office by the Republican tidal wave of 1994, Capps is a loyal foot soldier of the right-wing in North Carolina politics. He routinely votes "NO" on legislative measures that are aimed at promoting progress because his ultraconservative worldview on tax and social issues is threatened.

Capps is against virtually every legislative measure that allows government expansion of the tax base for promotion of economic development, infrastructure improvement, school needs, and emergency services. He has voted against adequately funding public schools, yet supports public monies being used to fund private charter and religious based education.

Capps continued his assault on education by voting against teacher pay raises, funding community colleges, and extending government aid to help poor rural school districts. It is safe to comment, "Capps does not understand the value of quality education and is willing to sacrafice the future of North Carolina's children for his narrow minded extreme conservative agenda."

Capps' lack of understanding issues facing North Carolina does not end with education. He has voted against Civil Rights measures, women's health issues, an increase in the minimum wage, and measures that aid protection of the environment. Capps' legislative record indicates he is unwilling to use the tools of government to assist people who need help from discrimination and business interests.

Capps has also voted against expansion of monies to our first responders in accidents and investigations. His failure to support increasing funds to state troopers, investigators to crack-down on illegal crystal-meth labs, more school nurses, and rural health centers shows a reckles disregard for the overall security of North Carolinians. Capps appears to have no compassion for his constituents or the people of North Carolina.

Voters have the opportunity to elect a new leader who will offer effective leadership for the 41st District and the state of North Carolina. Ty Harrell is an innovator and understands that a growing state must seek out new alternatives to tackle the issues presented to the legislature. Harrell also is a compssionate individual and will work tirelessly to represent those citizens lacking a voice in the political debate.

Rarely do voters have clear-cut differences in the candidates seeking office. Ty Harrell is deffinately the choice for a district whose population reflects a "New North Carolina" which embodies a need for progress over stagnate thought rooted in the past.



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Very nicely done. I hope that we will have the time next cycle to do justice to more of our state house and senate races.

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