Taking on the Supreme Court


James; I am breathless at this TV event. It rings truth.

Although I reminded myself that this is just "Boston Legal"...TV....not real..... It's realism and it's vicinity to real life was stunning. I missed that one.

I was moved by this James.

The passion it stirred in me is real. Very well done in selecting this to share with us all. See you Sunday.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Well, that sure took my breath away

Kind of reminds me again of Liddy Dole's vote yesterday on Wage Discrimination in the Senate, where the Party of Greed defeated a bill to simply extend the period of time that a person could bring about a complaint regarding discrimination. Corporate America and the Supreme Court, by a vote of 5 - 4 of course, cause this legislation to be proposed in the first place.

See Jerimee's post entitled "Dole Votes To Protect Employers Who Discriminate Against Women, African-Americans" for more details.

Discrimination is as much political as it is personal.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Almost reminds you of a 3rd world bananna republic

in a state governed by his brother with Justices appointed by his Father....the rest of the world looks at us and laughs!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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I would think at least some of the Founding Fathers would have wondered why there was a woman and a black man on the bench.

Just sayin'

The death penalty was used for a lot more than child rape in 1787.

I loved the speech, but it was a pretty sad argument. Not one cited case.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire


I love thhe bailiff wandering around.

"Hampton Dellinger WILL be a great Lieutenant Governor." - Al Gore.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Yes, the cruel color of reality...

I so cringed during the "Boston Legal" video...yeah, I would have thrown him out of the courtroom 5 minutes into it. Beyond arguing the unreliability of child witnesses, he didn't say anything that would make it into a judicial opinion. Maybe a Brandeis brief...

Though as soon as I heard "Louisiana," I didn't have to hear anything else. I did moot court arguments on "Snyder v. La" a few months ago. Doing the research, the Supreme Court of Louisiana is the most reversed state court in that nation (if not the first, then in the top five...). They just have problems with those judges on race, the death penalty, and everything else...

Yes, it's drama and "cool". But I'd rather have smart television that makes it drama, cool, and real. "The West Wing" had some fantasy, but the majority of it was reality-based. Yaking off to the Court? Don't expect to argue before it again...

oh geez, thank you, captsfufp

I was so hoping someone else would admit to cringing. I love James Spader and I love William Shatner, but OMG, I can't get through an episode of Boston Legal. I, too, appreciate a bit of fantasy, but this was just so damned ridiculous. West Wing pushed it as far as I was willing to go.

I kept thinking, he [Spader] has abandoned any pretense at making an argument, which means his client is gonna die die die for sure. And then I kept thinking, do people really think this is what a legal argument is or SHOULD be? Do people just think that no one ELSE makes arguments like this in court because they just don't have the dramatic flair for it?

I guess this is why I stick to the comedy channel.


Silly lawyers

Boston Legal makes no pretense of being real. They routinely blur the lines between the plot, the technical production of the show, the personal lives of the actors, and the absurdity of public policy in America. They are on a mission to make money with over-the-top entertainment, and along the way they skewer every reactionary position known to human kind. The courtroom is simply a convenient forum for corralling sacred cows.

Some people might believe an attorney could get away with this in front of the Supreme Court, but most of us understand that the show is full-throated political commentary first and foremost.

More to the point, I'm really glad this video exists. Millions of people now have seen a furious criticism of the political insinuations of the United States Supreme Court ... and I daresay the Justices themselves have had the privilege of hearing what at least one team of liberal writers thinks about their ghastly corporate leanings.

What could be better than that?

Good points

and I do appreciate that it's often worth suspending disbelief for a bit of inspiration, but while West Wing pushed the envelope on the fantasizing a bit, Boston Legal goes too far over the line for a hard-assed beeotch like me to sit still for.

And I kinda hate that I can't get past the cringing because I so love watching Spader and Shatner that I really want to be immersed in the entertainment of it all -- but alas. I fail.

My mother is nuts about the show and I can't confess to her that I can't stand it. Fortunately, she has no trouble believing me when I tell her I can never remember when any network shows are on -- and mostly that's true.

Oh captain please.

Do you really expect stuff on teevee to be real? I don't watch Boston Legal, but, um, come on, dude, seriously. It's teevee, and it was a speech we'd all like to give.

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The could've found a more hateful looking actor to play Scalia..

...but it's still great fun -- every do-gooder lawyer's (like me) fantasy. Kinda' reminiscent of defense attorney Al Pacino screaming "You're out of order" at a judge back in that old 70's movie "And justice for all."

The writers also make some great points about the death penalty (like that the justice system is constantly making mistakes) that seem particularly apt in North Carolina of late given the recent "oops" with Glen Edward Chapman.


That was like watching The first couple seasons of The West Wing.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

Thank you, James

When I saw this on TV I almost cried. I only wish it could really happen. James Spader is the best actor on TV as far as I am concerned.


Ok Guys, how about this

Wide angle captures scene of intense activity on the convention floor. People with funny hats and buttons scramble like ants, camera crews work to protect their equipment as they move through the crowd. Bunches of red, white and blue balloons are suspended in netting above the fray.

It's time for the nominating speeches at the GOP state convention!!!! OMG, look, there's a well dressed but somehow "different" looking man approaching the microphone at center-stage.

Holy cow. He begins, 'Ladies and gentlemen,' and describes with humility the simplicity of his background. Wait . . . he's . . . he's going off script! He's supposed to be talking about what a great governor the candidate will make -- but no -- he's denouncing the entire party for its despicable appeals to racism!

Ya know, Alan Shore could really pull this kind of thing off!

Unfortunately, the speaker is just a Caveman.
This won't go over well a'tall.


"What about the man we pay to mow our fairways? What about the lady we pay to clean the locker room?" At my country club, that's just the way they think.