Take Action! Take Action! Take Action!

Attention BlueNCers and guests! Tonight and tomorrow we are taking action to support our Democratic Congressional candidates. While I would prefer everyone vote for Larry Kissell for everything, there will be some who feel the need to support Heath and Roger Sharpe or Bill Glass and Roger Sharpe or Bill Glass and Larry Kissell.

Whatever you do, Take Action Now!

Progressive Patriots - Vote for Larry Now! (He's the only NC candidate on the list) Voting ends tomorrow, so send this to family and friends.

DCCC - Pick the Candidate for Change Vote for Heath and drop down to other and type in Larry Kissell. Ok, Ok...if you insist you can type in Roger Sharpe, Bill Glass or another deserving Democrat.

Check out the August Fundraising Push at Daily Kos and then go visit ActBlue to drop some cash to your favorite candidate. If your favorite isn't on the Netroots page, then go here.

Finally! Head on over to YouTube and view Larry Kissell's $1.22/gallon gas event. Favorite the video and move it up in the rankings.

That's all for today! Did I forget anything?


That's all for today?

Girl, we gotta get you some decaf.

Done. Done. Done. Done.

Maybe some sleep......

I'm going on about 40 hours with no sleep. I tried to go to bed about 5am, but the dog was ready to get up as that's usually walk time. Now...I have to finish the load of laundry with the uniform shorts in it. Ooooops. Other than that, though, everything is ready for first day of school tomorrow. Yay!

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.