TAKE ACTION: Polling shows widespread support for comprehensive sex ed in North Carolina

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North Carolina's state legislature is currently debating the Healthy Youth Act, which would finally bring much needed comprehensive sex education to their classrooms. And a recent poll from Public Policy Polling shows that this is the kind of sex education that a large majority of North Carolinians want.

When asked: "A bill being considered in the Legislature would give parents the choice of having their children receive comprehensive sex education or abstinence only sex education. Would you support this proposal?" , 69 % say yes, to only 31% who say no.

Even among those who typically oppose progressive policies, there is widespread support:

Even among voter groups traditionally most opposed to any increase in sex education there is majority support, including conservatives (58%), Republicans (54%), senior citizens (63%) and rural voters (69%).

Groups whose support exceeds 80% include liberals (88%), urban dwellers (86%), and African Americans (83%).

It's particularly interesting to note that the group of voters that is most likely to have recently gone through the public schools in North Carolina, those under 30, give the bill one of its highest levels of support at 76%.

This is certainly great news, but those of you in North Carolina still need to let your representatives know that you support this measure.

Additionally, one of our great NC youth activists recently got his House Representative David Price on the record at a Town Hall meeting, as he said he wants to defund abstinence-only sex ed and fund comprehensive sex ed. Great job Dan! (his question starts at 1:00)


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