Tabor Takes Another Swing

A guy named Nathan Tabor is running for NC State Senate. As Ed Cone says, "his reputation precedes him." I'll just add that I went to college with this guy, and a friend recalls that he "ran for student body president, launched this huge (by St. A[ndrews]'s standards) media campaign, and then was totally spanked by a girl who decided to run kind of on a whim." The Democrats, I guess, should be looking for that girl.

Here's some select Tabor reading:

(EDIT: Nathan says these articles are not his; see the comments below.)


Correct Links

The links you have posted on your site aren't my commentary. To read my commentary visit To listen to my commentary visit

I thought was tolerate and open minded. I tried to advertise on but they rejected my ad.


Go figure

When I collected those links I got them all from a list of Nathan's writings. Now they all have different by-lines. Huh. It has been a while -- since January '05 -- so maybe the articles went out and got themselves different authors since. It could also be the my source list was wrong.

As to point #2, who told you that BlueNC was "tolerate [sic] and open minded"?

I'm not.

I'm on a mission to take back our democracy, and tolerating destructive ideas isn't in my game plan.



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