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What a week! Great news on the Larry Kissell front, more slime from Charles Taylor(T), and a black letter day in American History. This week Congress, led by the Party of Torture, voted to rescind fundamental freedoms and decency in the name of an imperial presidency. Henceforth I will be using (T) as the notation for those on the right who used to be members of the Republican Party. They are Torturers, and they must be made to wear their black badges of cowardice.

Robin Hayes(T), Charles Taylor(T), Virginia Foxx(T), ELizabeth Dole(T), Richard Burr(T)

I know there were some cowardly Dems, and we will get to them later. But for now and forever, I hereby affirm that the GOP and its enablers here in North Carolina, are nothing more or less than the Party of Torture.


George Bush(T)

Torturer in Chief


It took a little, but I got it. Very nice.


"Keep the Faith"

i had hopes that there would

i had hopes that there would have been greater opposition to this sad capitulation to fear... dashed.