Switched at Birth

One of our newest bloggers, Working for Change, has a hidden talent and I'm about to expose it. She can find anyone's secret twin.

Karl Rove and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (I believe)

Two more below the fold...

Don't ever believe it if you hear a Republican say they embrace science or research. Have you ever seen a more unlikely pair in labcoats?

Even Beaker and Bunsen are more believable all dressed up and ready for science.

She has a real talent here. I hope there will be many more switched at birth episodes.



You guys are funnier than watching midgets run track.

I will NOT

compare Dr. Bunsen Honeydew to Karl Rover. I respect him MUCH too highly.

I know...it's sad

A highly intelligent puppet being compared to a maniacal puppeteer.

Thanks for the spelling help. I was putting this together much too early in the morning.

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