Swing State Project takes a swing at redistricting North Carolina

A blogger over at the blog Swing State Project has taken a crack at redistricting North Carolina after the 2010 Census. Currently it assumes that North Carolina does not add a new Congressional seat, which is seeming more and more likely. However, the author says that they're drawing up a new version that would take into account a 14th seat for North Carolina

Here's the link to the blog post. They think that we can redraw Virginia Foxx out of her district and take over the 5th, giving Democrats a 9-4 advantage in our Congressional delegation. What do you all think?


I left a comment there

There really is no way to draw Foxx out of her district. All they are really doing is renaming districts - shifting the numbers around. The person who wrote it didn't account for the fact that many rural Dems vote Republican. He's assuming that Dems vote for Dems in NC and we all know that is not necessarily true.

I love the discussion, but his reasoning is flawed. He shows a lack of understanding of NC voters.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.